I thank Donald Trump for bringing immigration reforms into the public conversation

Gun control, open borders,mass data collection, reckless,incompetent, incomplete vetting of our immigrants and calling us bigots and racists will not fix our immigration problems and will not fix the terrorist, mentally ill and drug related mass shootings, either. We the People may not agree with Trump’s solutions but everyone is talking and seeking the right solutions and we thank him for starting this public conversation–Obama’s solutions and inactions are not the right solutions for American security. Securing our borders, stopping all immigration until we reform our Immigration, so that it answers our economic needs and refugee responsibilities, while working efficiently,justly and in a timely manner,—- Identifying everyone here and helping our new immigrants to assimilate and understand our constitutional liberties and social tolerance, will, however. Reforming our Mental Health laws so that it is easier to force mentally health care on the mentally ill who are a danger to themselves and other will, however. Stopping the drug trade and the weapons that come in from that same drug pipeline, will however. Destroying Daesh and the other Radical Islamists in Syria and Iraq will however. Supporting a national and international,counter narrative voice from the Reformers in the Muslim community who reject jihad, supremacy and political Islam, will however. The Muslim Brotherhood is NOT that voice. Obeying our second amendment and getting rid of the gun free zones will, however. Let’s try some common sense for a change. This continued ideologically driven divisive rhetoric and politically correct insanity is killing us.


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