Mr.President, you have lived the American Dream,but you will deny it to others?

Shame on you, Mr President. You have shamefully and recklessly stoked the fires of racism. division and grievance to advance your leftists goals. I don’t think America has ever had a President that does not think America is a force for good. I think the American people have become your whipping boy for your own inner ethical confusion. FYI–except for the inner cities,where the Democrats have used race to advance their party, we the people have left racism some time ago. We the people believe that the content of Character is our judge, our filter. Given that you grew up in an academic upper middle class family, I think you know America is not racsist, but you still will use is to inflame and agitate to create the chaos and instability needed to force your marxist vison on the land of the free, America. You have lived the American Dream but you seek to deny it to the rest of us. Shame on you. You will be reviled in the future.


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