My top concern is the economy

My top concern is the economy. Our debt is nation killing. We will lose the Republic if we do not address it. We need more revenue to pay it off and the only way we can grow this economy at the rate needed is with business friendly tax code replacement and regulatory reforms. America needs good paying full time jobs for all of our citizens and immigrants. The only way we will have everyone contributing is if the replacement tax code is a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports, along with a low business tax/corporate tax. I think a 10% consumption tax and a 10% business/corporate tax should create more than enough revenue. Not only will consumer prices drop, the IRS will never be used as a political and ideological weapon or a conduit for corporate welfare and corrupt cronyism, again. Everyone pays to support our government and pay our debt. All citizens, immigrants, foreign visitors, foreign students and foreign consumers. More revenue and a robust economy allows us to defeat Radical Islam, both on the ground and in the propaganda war against Radical Islamist political supremacist theology.


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