We should not have the Muslim Brotherhood in the WhiteHouse and in Homeland Security as advisors and policy makers..

With Muslim Brotherhood activists in the White House and in the State Department as advisers and policy makers, as well as Muslim Brotherhood members in Homeland Security, is it any wonder we are not vetting Muslim Immigrants properly? Why hasn’t our President invited Islamic reformers, who have rejected Sharia Laws and Jihad, into his advisory staff and into his bureaucracies? Why hasn’t our President given the Muslim Reformers a national and state platform for a counter narrative to Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist political theology? The Muslim Brotherhood cannot be that voice of sanity. They have too many ties to Islamists and they believe in the same supremacist political doctrine. Obama has invited the fox into the hen house and he has put our nation and the world at risk with his reckless policies. Obama is blinded to the existential threat of Radical Islam by his leftist ideology and familia connections.


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