Obama has been such a disaster for our nation and the world.

We have become a part time, entry level job nation because of the regulatory and tax abuses of Democrats. Middle Class America is shrinking in numbers, while our poverty levels have increased under Democrats. Government dependence has increased under Democrats with 47 million of us using Food Stamps and many more using local charity. Democrats’ over regulation and taxation, favors the rich and big business. That is why we see an increased difference in the rich and the poor under Barack Obama. Wall Street does just fine with the big government accesses of Democrats. Crony corruption and corporate welfare have increased under Democrats. More small businesses are failing than are being created under Democrats’ big government, while Wall Street and big business grow richer, making the income divide that much greater………just as a side note, didn’t Obama’s abusive bureaucracies go after Gallup, Zogby and other polling organizations early on, fining, intimidating and litigating them? Perhaps that is why some are giving such glowing reports of Obama’s successes, lately? Has Zogby completely ignored the fact that the world is a much more dangerous place under Obama’s many failed foreign policies. Blinded by his ego,his incompetence, his leftist ideology and familia connection to Islam, Obama has been a disaster for America and the world. The Iran Deal will insure that the modern enlightened world will one day face a nuclear armed Radical Islamic nation—if we allow it to stand. As for Climate Change, that is just a way to force more big government socialist/marxist policies on the world. Control the food, the energy sources and the water and you control us. Climate Change is just another scumbag boondoggle of the elite to gain more power and wealth.



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