We should stop ALL immigration and document everyone.

I think we should stop ALL immigration, seal the borders and see who is here. We need to document everyone and kick out the criminals and terrorists. I don’t have a problem with everyone staying, if we create the jobs needed to support all of us, both citizen and immigrant. That would require business friendly tax and reg reforms. The big foot of government has retarded our economy. We will need our immigrants when we return to a fully employed America. I would NOT open immigration until we have an immigration system that answers our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities,while working in a fiscally sane, just and timely manner. As for the Syrian Refugees. We should implement safe zones within Syria. The UN should protect these zones with Muslim boots on the ground and the air power of the US. Within these safe zones, the US and the world nations should build cities and infrastructures for the refugees,,,,, instead of bringing the refugees into Western societies. The Syrians need jobs to support themselves. Pay them to build their cities.  The Christian and Yazzidi refugees have endured decades of Muslim oppression and now they face genocide. We should bring them to the US. They have no place to go.


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