Obama’s unconstitutional gun laws

Obama is lying about buying guns on the internet. When you buy a gun on the internet, that gun is sent to a gun dealer for the buyer to pick it up. The gun dealer does a background check with an id before he gives the gun to the buyer. In fact only a licensed gun dealer can mail a gun thru the mail. All he did today was make it more expensive for the regular guy to sell one gun by requiring a license. If you buy a gun for someone else, you are a straw buyer, unless it is a close family member without a criminal record. A straw buyer is illegal. Nothing Obama is doing will stop any of the mass shootings we have seen. He is not securing our borders against terrorists. He is not securing our borders against the drug trade and the cartel members coming in. He is not stopping the drug trade in our inner cities. He is not stopping gang violence. He is not improving the NICs program so that it works in a more efficient and timely manner. . He is not encouraging the mental health providers to report their dangerous mentally ill to NICs. He is not budgeting substantial monies to mental healthcare providers, even though he has $40 Billion to do with as he pleases.$ 500 million will be lost in paperwork and crony boondoggles, though it is welcome. He is not reforming the vetting process for immigrants and refugees, despite terrorists making it thru. Fake tears will not wash away Obama feckless deceptive useless anti second amendment/ unconstitutional tyranny against law abiding Americans.


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