Niki Haley and the divisive conservative purity test.

The conservatives purity test is just as repugnant as the left’s socialist/marxist agenda. We have real problems here. We need to find solutions. Continued polarization is not going to get us there. Haley supports a secured border. She supports a replacement for Obamacare. She supports a robust military and a plan to destroy Daesh and the other Radical Islamist groups. She supports business friendly tax and reg reforms. Since when are we and our leaders not allowed to voice our opinion of our candidates? That sounds just like the Democrat leadership who intimidate and litigate to silence their dissenters. It troubles me that Trump uses the same Sal Alinsky weapons–ridicule, innuendo, distract, disrupt, half truths— that Obama and the Dems do to silence dissenters. Careful “purists” you do not become the enemy to our Republic, just like Obama and his people are. It is going to take all of us to fix the messes that political class have made. Dr. Ben Carson really is the only candidate that can unite our nation and our people to solve our nation killing problems. He freely admits that a good leader surrounds himself with a multitude of consulars, just like the wisest of men, Solomon. Carson would never allow ego, ideology and party politics to blind him from what is right. He has the honor, trustworthiness, moral clarity and ability to lead our nation. Ben Carson has the intellect, the wisdom and the courage to be America’s greatest President and he has the will to return us to the Founders’ vision. I want the borders secured. I want Immigration reforms that ID everyone, kick out the criminals, answer our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities. I want a policy of safe zones in the middle east and I want us to support the refugee camps.Those who believe in Islam’s supremacist political theology are having a hard time assimilating here. However, I wish the candidates would emphasize job creation more. A fully employed economy with full time, higher paying jobs, will see America needing immigrant labor. A fully employed America will see employers competing for employees by offering healthcare,retirement, education and other benefits. Replacing the current revenue collection with a one size fits all low flat consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports,business and corporations would allow everyone to pay for our government, her bills and her nation killing debt. All citizens, all immigrants, all foreign workers, all foreign students, foreign visitors and all foreign consumers of American goods would contribute to funding our government. The IRS will never be used as a political and ideological weapons, again. The IRS will never be used for a corporate welfare and cronyism conduit again. Consumer prices would be reduced as the cost of doing business in America reduces. There will still be Food Stamps, educational and welfare benefits to supplement the poor as they climb the ladder to success and independence. Add business friendly regulation reforms and our nation will repair itself in record time. .


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