Choosing a Presidential candidate should not be a blood sport

My vote goes to Ben Carson. Why is it we continually say America needs to unite to solve our problems, but we choose the one candidate that destroys his opponents in the debates and on the stump? Why do we choose the candidate who polarizes and divides the best? We act like this is a game, a blood sport match,scoring each candidate by how many wounds he gives his opponents, instead of a way to pick the Presidential candidate who can best solve the nation killing problems we have. . Why not choose the one candidate who can unite a nation that has been the battlefield for the left’s class warfare tactics and divisive, destroying rhetoric for over a decade? Ben Carson is the only one that can unite this nation. He has the intellect, the wisdom and the courage to right this ship and return us to the Founders’ vision for America. What was the Founders’ vision for us? They wanted us to have individual liberty, freedom to voice our opinion, freedom to worship as we choose, property rights, small representative government, states rights….They wrote the Constitution, the amendments that protected the individual from the abuses of government. Look at the job killing, costly, complex regulations that control us and stop economic growth. There is no way to know what is on the books or to understand what is on the books, much less comply. Look at our costly complex, crony corrupt, corporate welfare filled tax code. This is not what the Founders wanted for us. They wanted a representative government that the common man, not the litigator, could choose and control. Let’s choose a Presidential Candidate who can solve complex issues with common sense, logic and fact based solutions.Let’s choose a candidate who does not allow his ego, his ideology or his political partisanship to stop him from surrounding himself with expert advisers to assist him in finding solutions for the messes that the political class have made. Let’s choose an honorable and trustworthy man to represent us. A man who loves his nation and her people. A man who will protect her and lead her with moral clarity. Let’s choose a problem solver who can unite this nation. That man is Dr. Ben Carson. The Founders believed We The People could self govern and they believed that We the People could choose our leaders wisely. Let’s show them and the world that they were right. Let’s choose the best man to lead this great nation, the honorable Ben Carson.


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