The polarizing problem with Trump

It should concern Trump voters to have a candidate that has been complicit in the crony corruption, eminent domain abuses for private profit, pay to play mentality and corporate welfare that we say we deplore in Washington. Trump uses the same Sal Alinsky tactics of ridicule, innuendo, half truths, distraction and disruption that Obama uses to force his way on us. Revenge may be satisfying for a moment. It may feel good to stick it to the Democrats for their abusive behavior, but it will not solve our problems. . Are we prepared to have another four to eight years of a polarized America and the divisive rhetoric,the distracting circus and many executive actions that Trump will certainly bring to the Oval Office? Americans say they want an end to the divisive rhetoric, constitutional abuses and the megalomania of our leaders, especially that of our President and yet many of us are supporting Donald Trump, who embodies all the things we reject in President Obama and the Democrat leadership. I guess Trump voters feel he is our bully, our megalomaniac. …….The only candidate who can unite our nation is Dr. Ben Carson, He does not demean his opposition and he does not throw grenades of bombast. he does not polarize. He is a man who puts forth his common sense, fact based, logical solutions. He is a man who is not afraid to surround himself with expert advisers in every field to assist him in creating and implementing the solutions needed to fix our many problems. Ben Carson has the intellect, the wisdom and the courage to lead this nation back to the Founders’ vision for America. A man who will listen to all sides, all voices, but will always do what is best for America and her people. He will not allow his ego, partisanship or ideology to get in the way of his selfless service to America and her people. He is a man who knows himself, knows his principles and will lead with moral clarity that is so lacking these days. Our Constitution is perfect and I believe it to be written with divine guidance. It protects the individual’s liberty and it allows everyone the ability to prosper and be independent….if we follow it. Every time we have tinkered with our Constitution, ignored it and disobeyed it, there have been disastrous results for our people. From the 3/5 compromise to the restrictions of our Bill of Rights, to the economic and freedom restrictive socialist agenda of today, Our Founders recognized that a powerful central government meant less freedom for the individual. That is why they supported strong states rights and only those few designated constitutional duties for the Federal Government. We have a Federal Government now that cannot be controlled. No one can be fired for the increasing waste,fraud, abuse, corruption and incompetence coming from the bureaucracies. The bureaucracies have allowed themselves to become political and ideological weapons of the left and they are writing laws to govern us. We have a executive branch that has overreached it’s power and a judicial and legislative branches that have allowed it. We cannot allow this or we will lose our Republic and it will be replaced by a Marxist regime.


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