Sarah Palin and Donald Trump

Sad to say, if you listened to Sarah, it was more about sticking it to the MSM and the political establishment and less about what Trump’s solutions were for the Washington messes. Sarah is out for revenge and justly so. Trump is her weapon. She allowed her pain from the injustices perpetrated on her to blind her to who Trump is. Trump is the man that supports subsidies, cronyism and corporate welfare if it buys him votes.We saw this yesterday with his ethanol subsidy support.  Trump is the man that pays for access to Republican and Democrat favors, the man that supports imminent domain private sector profit, the man that uses Sal Alinsky tactics of ridicule, half truths, destraction and disruption against his opposition and he is the man that has more things in common with Obama than we care to acknowledge—Trump is the conservative Obama-like bully and the megalomaniac, who will ignore our Constitution and our laws when he it suits him. There are only three candidates who will not allow ego,self enrichment goals,partisanship and ideology to stop them from finding and implementing the solutions needed to balance the budget, pay the nation killing debt, fix and decrease the bloated bureaucracies,fix our failed foreign policies, destroy ISIS and other Radical Islamists in Syria, secure our borders and make the immigration department answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities. Those three people are Ted Cruz,  Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson. They will govern this nation under Constitutional limitations–However their is only one candidate who can unite our nation after a decade of division and polarization. That honorable and trustworthy man is Ben Carson. He has the intellect, the wisdom and the courage needed to lead this nation with moral clarity and competence. Carson is a man who knows himself, knows his beliefs and is comfortable in his own skin.



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