Iowa caucus Feb 1-My take

Come on folks, are we really going to put Donald J. Trump in the Oval? He has no self control. He is a loose cannon and he has participated and embraced the crony corruption and the pay to play mentality that has eroded our nation’s constitutional freedoms. Trump is just another Hillary Clinton . They are cut from the same cloth. Trump is just more entertaining, but he still has the circus baggage that Clinton does. Donald J. Trump is not funny anymore, he is a narcissistic smear merchant,insulting everyone who opposes or questions him, ready to do anything to get into the Oval. Personally, I just want a President who does his job as laid out in the Constitution. I don’t want someone that participates and condones the cronyism, the corruption and the corporate welfare pay to play in Washington. I don’t want an entertainer. I want a President who will return our nation to the Founders’ vision for America. I want a President who will make good on his promises to fix this nation’s problems and keep us safe.. This nation has had enough divisive rhetoric and demonization of people who oppose or question what our President is doing. My vote is going to Dr. Ben Carson. He is the only candidate that can unite us after so many years dedicated to divide, restrict our constitutional freedoms and control us. Carson has the intellect, the wisdom and the courage to lead this nation within the Constitution’s limitations. He is a solutions based candidate. Have your read his policy pieces? Carson would not allow his ego, ideology or partisanship restrain him from doing what is best for America. He has already proven he can understand complex issues, find solutions using logic, facts and expert advisers for those issues. Are you okay with millionaires buying the Presidency? Personally, I would make all political donations limited individual donations. We are supposed to be a citizen representative government. We were never supposed to have a permanent political class and we were always supposed to be equal to millionaires. We were never supposed to have a group of ruling elites. Carson knows this. Carson will return us to the Founder’s vision- Limited government, state’s rights, individual freedom, self governing and protected constitutional rights for the individual. Even though Ted Cruz has proven that he is a principled man and did not cave to the Washington business as usual establishment, he is too young and has not proven he can unite our people. Ditto on Rand Paul Cruz would be a great AG and later a super great Supreme Court Justice, however. Rubio is too young and has been partially absorbed by the good ole boy system that is destroying our nation. Years might give him wisdom.His willingness to continue the US regime change military strategy scares me. Ditto on Jeb Bush, though he is a economic good manager. He is not worried about how oppressive big government bureaucracies are.

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