My Dream Team for this election

Sometimes it is not about money and ratings, Donald J. Trump. The Press is supposed to vet the candidates for us. Many of us watch both Democrat and Republican debates to find out what the solutions are from all the candidates. This is a solutions based election. Our nation is a mess and the world is in turmoil. Glad to see Ailes finally lost his patience with Trump’s continued bullying tactics and got a little snarky. Trump tried to strong arm Ailes and get Megyn Kelly removed from the debate, BUT Trump lost, so he says he will not go to the debate. Donald J. Trump reminds me of Obama when he tried to kick Fox News out of the White House Press Corps. If candidates, Presidents,activists and the mega rich are allowed to dictate and extort the media to their will, we will lose the first amendment. Fox may be first, but OAN,CNN.CBS,ABC,NBC and talk radio will be next. He is thin skinned, used to forcing his will on everyone. He has participated and condones the cronyism and pay to play policies that has corrupted our government.  Trump is on Fox everyday, getting free air time. he has been treated more than fair. Truth be told, Trump was not prepared for the last Fox Debate. He could not answer the questions, adequately, and when Kelly asked him why he insulted women, he should have said I insult everyone, which he does. Trump is a loose cannon who uses ridicule, distraction, demonization and disruption against all who oppose or question him. That reminds me of Obama, too. He is impulsive in his rhetoric.. It would be a mistake to allow him in the Oval Office, where he would insult Congress and world leaders , further dividing our nation and the world. . A megalomaniac insult dog as President is not what this nation needs. We need a President that can unite and lead without his ego getting in the way. We need a President who has the intellect, the courage and the wisdom to lead this nation with moral clarity. That person is not Donald J. Trump. Our nation is in big trouble. We have major issues that need to be solved or we will lose this Republic.. Republicans always point out the Hillary Clinton baggage that comes with the Clinton circus. Why would we want the Donald J. Trump baggage that comes with the Trump circus? Ben Carson will be one of America’s greatest Presidents. He has the intellect, the wisdom and the courage to lead our nation with moral clarity. His solutions make sense and he can unite this nation after so many years of divisive demonizing rhetoric that pits neighbor against neighbor, one group against the other. , . I invite everyone to look at his policies. He has my vote. I would like to see Ted Cruz as AG and later as a Supreme Court Justice. How great would it be to have a constitutionalist who cannot be coerced from his principled beliefs, in those positions?. How great would it be to have Mike Huckabee as the Secretary of State? We could sure use this honorable man to reform that bureaucracy so that it defends American interests in all things using common sense and moral principles as his guide. How great would it be to have Jeb Bush as the UN Ambassador? I would like to give the UN one more chance, but we have to have a principled man who will defend American interests and extol American values. Round my dream team off with Carly Fiorina as VP. She knows how bureaucracies work and she knows how to make them run as efficient, just and fiscally sane businesses.


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