This nation would be nuts to vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders

This nation would be nuts to invite the Clinton circus back to the Oval office, especially with an indictment hanging over Hillary Clinton’s head. Even without the other Clinton baggage, her time at the State Department showed us that she is incompetent and has very bad judgement. Why would you decrease security, deny multiple security requests, send your Ambassador into a war zone full of Radical Islamists? Why would you use an unsecured private server, blackberries and other devices tied to that server for sensitive State Department business? Why would you continue to fund raise for the Clinton Foundation including the same people/businesses/nations why you did political favors for? Why would you chance that look of pay to play? Was your server hacked, Hillary Clinton, and was that the backdoor to all the other government hacks we have experience? As for Bernie. He is over 70 and he is a Democrat Socialist. Every Democrat Socialist nation has brought poverty and oppression to their people. I think I will stick with Capitalism, free markets and constitutional freedoms. It has lifted a world out of poverty. It is marxist policies that have depressed our economy and the world’s economies. Doubling down on that insanity would really be nuts. As for Bernies wobble on the second amendment, Democrats make it a habit of limiting as many of our Constitutional freedoms as much as possible.


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