Know what you want done to save our Republic, choose your Presidential candidate using logic and facts

Our government has become so large it cannot be controlled by We The People. No one can be fired for substandard performance. There is no incentive to improve their services and stop the waste and fraud. Government employees receive their bonuses and perks whatever they do or don’t do. The bureaucracies and the Executive Branch are making laws to govern ever aspect of our lives. Every government bureaucracy has been used as a political and ideological weapon against our people.  The most egregious of these offenders being the IRS and the EPA. Let’s face it, the larger government bureaucracies become, the more powerful the executive branch becomes, the more our rights are limited and the more oppressed we are.  As government grows, regulations grow and taxes are increased to pay for more government. This has caused our economy to stall and remain flat. The new jobs we create are entry level and part time jobs. We need to pass business friendly tax and regulation reforms to invite investment monies back into the US.  Higher corporate and business taxes are not a welcome mat. Investment monies go where they are wanted, where they can make a profit. A fully employed economy, increases our revenue so that we can balance the budget, pay the nation killing debt, build a strong military to protect us, welcome our immigrants and replace the ACA. A fully employed economy sees employers competing for employees by offering healthcare benefits, educational benefits and retirement benefits. The private sector always provides these benefits and services better than the government , as we all know. To fix this nation, we must be strong economically.  Which candidate has the intellect, the wisdom  and the courage to do what needs to be done to save the Republic and return our nation to the Founders’ vision for America and protect her always? Which candidate can stand resolutely and always put America first?

First, we can eliminate all the big government candidates. We know who they are. They think government is the answer to everything. They may be more fiscally sane and budget minded than the Big government Democrats, but they will not reduce the government’s ever increasingly oppressive footprint. Using logic and facts, I vote we eliminate Jeb Bush, Chris Christy, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Jim Gilmore.  Another concern with the so called establishment candidates is that they are short sighted war hawks.  While they all would secure our borders, carpet bombing is not a comprehensive stategy to destroy Daesh and it does not address all the other Radical Islamic groups and the growing membership in this barbaric supremacist political theology.  Oddly enough, I will put Donald Trump in this group. He has participated in the cronyism, corporate welfare and pay to play that has corrupted our government. He is an amoral man. He will deal with the devil, as long as he thinks he gets the best part of the deal. He uses the same Obama skills of ridicule, insult, intimidate, litigate, deceive, distract and disrupt to silence his opposition and force his will. He would use executive action and regulatory abuses, just like Obama. He is a megalomaniac just like Obama.  Those are qualities that we abhor in Washington’s political elite. Why would we admire that behavior in an outsider?   Like the others in the establishment field, Trump would bring fiscal sanity to Washington, but he would not decrease the government’s footprint.

So, who do we have left?  Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.  All are principled people with the courage, the intellect and the will to lead this nation and do the things that must be done to fix it. All are honest and trustworthy. All would reform our government, decrease government’s footprint and make our bureaucracies run efficiently, justly and in a fiscally sane and timely manner, All, while giving excellent service to our people.. All would strengthen our military.  All would pass business friendly tax and regulatory reforms. All would balance our budget and pay the 20 Trillion dollar debt. All would secure our borders. All would grow our economy so that we needed and welcomed our immigrants, as well as needed all our citizens to fill the good paying, full time jobs created.  All would reform our Immigration Department so that it answers our economic needs and refugee responsibilities,while working in an efficient, just and timely manner, but……there is only one candidate that can unite us after a decade of divisive, destructive rhetoric and grievance politics.  Paul and Cruz are a bit young to have the wisdom needed in these precarious times and both have been polarizing. They do not work well with others.  Fiorina does have the wisdom needed, but she too is polarizing and seems to have an acerbic wit that while true and funny, will not unite. Ben Carson is the only candidate who can unite our nation. He is the only candidate that will not allow ego, partisanship, ideology or personal enrichment to stop him from doing what needs to be done to save our Republic. He will be America’s greatest President since George Washington.


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