It has to matter…otherwise the Republic is lost, We The People will lose.

Trustworthiness and honor has to matter. Honesty has to matter.  Integrity has to matter. Logical, fact based thinking has to matter. Common sense has to matter. Intellect has to matter. Wisdom has to matter. Courage has to matter. Moral integrity has to matter. Being principled has to matter. If the above attributes do not matter to our citizens when choosing our leaders, then how can we ever choose someone that has the will to do what is best for our people?

How can we fix what is wrong with America without a President that embodies all of the above?  How can we stop the cronyism and corruption in Washington without a President who has never involved himself in said cronyism and corruption? How can we reform our tax and regulatory codes so that those reforms can both encourage investment and protect We The People from the abuse of government, if we have a President who supports using the tax and regulatory codes to control his/her economic and social policies ? How can we have another President that uses executive orders and government bureaucracies to govern our nation, working around the Judicial and Legislative Branches.  How can we have another egomaniac “President Bully” who divides us with his divisive, reckless,and dangerous rhetoric? How can we have another President who uses ridicule, insults, intimidation and deception and litigation to silence his opposition?  How can we elect another man who is so  uninformed  and too lazy to drill down on the complex issues,to become our President? How  can  we stop the  current  interventionist policies abroad, if we have a President whose first instincts are to encourage and support violent revolution to  achieve regime change and not a President who leads by example and persuasion?  How can we live up to our goal of America being a force for good, when we have a President who insists on keeping the riches of sovereign nations for ourselves like a common carpetbagger, after we help them out militarily?  How can we have a President  who recklessly endangered our nation’s security when she used her personnel unprotected server for government business that included top secret and sensitive documents. How can we have a President who showed the bad judgement to decrease security for Libya, deny many security requests, send our Ambassador and his people into Radical Islamist held Benghazi and then….refuse to send help when they were attacked?  How can we elect one of two Presidential candidates who are first term Senators, knowing what a mess the current one term Senator has made of his Presidency?  How can we elect a Democratic Socialist as President of the United States of America , knowing there is no way that We The People in the land of the free, will ever stand for being worker bees to the state hive? Are we crazy? Have we allowed our anger and fear to drive us into creating our own demise?  Will we put our trust again in another corrupt and incompetent man/women? Will we vote for another President who will allow their ego, their selfishness, their partisanship, their ideology or their personnel enrichment goals , to stop them from doing what is best for our nation and our people?

Ben Carson is the last of the outsiders. He is the outsider that we all said we wanted to clean up Washington and return our nation back to the Founders’ vision of small government, states rights, peace and prosperity . I will be voting for Ben Carson in my primary. I will deny the demand of the pundits and the politically connected, who say we must vote for Ted or Marco to beat Trump. I will use my primary vote to vote for the man that I think will make us a damn fine President. A President we can be proud of. One that will bring back America’s optimism and love of neighbor back. A man we all can trust to do what is best for our nation and her people.  I will vote for the good man.


Who can fix America? My take on the GOP

America cannot continue to blame the Washington inside game for our problems and then turn around and elect an insider to the Presidency. America will not clean up the corruption and incompetence that has corrupted our capital by electing someone who has participated in the pay to play game that is the insider game that keeps the drone waste and fraud bureaucracies going.  Only a true outsider who has proven that he can lead with moral authority can stop this train of moral and economic bankruptcy. Only a man that is trustworthy and honorable can fix our nation. Only the candidate that has walked the walk of the principled man can fix our nation. Only a uniter, a persuader can fix our nation.  Only a man with diplomatic skills can fix America. Only a man above reproach can fix this nation . So, who is the man that will bring sanity back to America? So who is the man who can return us to the Founders’ vision of small federal government , fiscal responsibility, state’s rights and personnel responsibility?

Let’s start with the frontrunner, Donald Trump. Is he honorable, trustworthy, principled, diplomatic, moral, above reproach and can he unite our nation?  I say NO. His history shows us, he has been all over the place on the issues. He has supported the very people who have created the debt and the big government out of control bureaucracies. He has even donated to socialist/statist Democrats. He brags about receiving favors for those donations. It is the crony corruption, pay to play and greed that has infected Washington and threatens our Republic. Trump uses the same bullying tactics that Obama uses to silence his opposition and force his way. He intimidates, he ridicules,he insults, he demonizes, he deceives, he distracts, he disrupts and he makes promises that do not have solutions to back them up. I have noticed that Trump says nothing about reducing government and returning services to the states ,though he does say he will reform the bureaucracies and make them world properly.  His tax reform does not including getting rid of the IRS and he does not mention business friendly regulation reforms. Trump has used the corporate welfare and bankrupt regulations to build his empire. Do we really want another Washington insider and elitist in the Oval office?  We have all been entertained by the profane pugnaciousness of Trump. We love that he is sticking it to the career politicians and corporate elitists. While all of America should be thankful that Trump has brought everyone to the election table with his entertaining vengeance filled engaging manner, we cannot allow the anger and fear that we feel to vote for the one candidate that expresses what we feel. He has given no workable solutions for our problems. All we have is promises. All we have is a great family that surrounds this man. We had all that with Obama, too. America cannot vote for the crowd pleaser, again. We have to find the man that will make the needed changes to save our nation and return it to the “shining light on the hill”, the beacon of hope to all humanity. We are in big trouble, we must choose wisely. Trump is not Presidential material. I vote NO on Donald Trump.

Next up, are the young Senators, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Do they have the wisdom and experience to lead this very complicated nation? Obama is about the same age and I would say he is one big failure for this nation. Obama turned out to be an interventionist, encouraging and supporting regime change thru violent revolution in the Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Syria, while deserting Iraq, allowing Radical Islam to rise and destabilize the world again. Rubio supported all of the intervention and he may be a war hawk. He also supports the NSA  and FBI spying  and collecting of data on us all. He says that the FBI only want APPLE to unlock the fail system which destroys the phone if it is hacked too many times. That is not true. The FBI wants to force APPLE into making software that hacks their phones. If we allow government to force a business to make something, will a weapon or advanced spyware be next?  We saw how Rubio was used by the Democrats  with the Immigration Reform that expedited a path to citizenship, increased the numbers for more foreign workers and mass immigration,  and did nothing to enforce immigration laws or secure the borders.  Either Rubio was misinformed, duped or he deceives. In either case it shows his inability to think in a logical fact based and principled manner. There is a reason the establishment in Washington is flocking to Rubio. He will not lead the charge for the needed radical bureaucracy reforms and downsizing.He will nibble at the mess, bring some fiscal sanity, some reforms and he will never reduce the debt or balance the budget. He believes government is the answer. He says nothing about returning services to the states, nothing about state rights.  Ted Cruz is a principled man, I believe, though he did not react in a timely manner to the skullduggery that his campaign was involved in. He did not make it clear, he would not stand for dirty politics. Whether he was lied to or he chose to ignore it, I do not know. It could be chalked up to immaturity and experience. He, however, does believe in the limitations of government, state rights, secure borders, fiscally sanity and regulation reform. If allowed to he would bring change, but he does not have the diplomatic and persuasive skills that our new President must have. He cannot unite our nation. He has become a very polarizing figure. Our nation needs to unite, our leaders need to unite to fix this mess or our Republic will perish.  I vote NO on both young Senators.

Next we vet Ohio Governor Kasich. He does have a history of balancing the budget and   reforming the bureaucracies. He does believe in bloc granting money back to the states for Medicaid and Healthcare. He does believe the states can provide for their people better than the Federal Government. However, his ego worries me.  After 7-8 years of an egomaniac in the White House, I wonder if we need another–albeit a lesser ego. I also wonder if his pass success of working across the aisle may hinder him in accomplishing a balanced budget  and reforms immersed in fiscal sanity.  The Democrat Party , today, is not the same party that Reagan and he worked with. Democrats are controlled by the iron fist of leftist radicals.  Democrats have proven they cannot be trusted to bargain, honestly. Their statist ideology of more economic and social controls is what is destroying our Republic. Using deception, demonization, organized protest, divisive  rhetoric, grievance politics to silence and disrupt, the Democrats and Obama have forced thru many anti constitutional programs.   We need someone who can unite our people in common purpose to save our nation, to silence and the Democrat statist leaning leadership.  I do not believe Governor Kasich can accomplish that. I think he is an old style politician who is working by the same script from years ago. We need someone who can think out of the box to fix the moral and economic decay of our nation. I vote NO on Governor Kasich.

I believe  Ben Carson checks all the boxes in the above first paragraph and more.  Who is more honorable and Trustworthy? No one. Who is the principled man who will not bend to the will of the powerful? Ben Carson.   Reading his policy papers have only encouraged me in this belief.  Who does not allow his ego stop him from surrounding himself with expert advisers when forming a plan to find solutions for a problem?   Ben Carson. Who has the ability to understand complex issues? Ben Carson. Who uses logic, common sense and facts to find the solutions needed to fix a problem? Ben Carson.  Who has the intellect the courage and the wisdom to lead this nation? Ben Carson. Who has the judgement and moral clarity needed to lead this nation?  Ben Carson. Who has answered more 3AM calls? Ben Carson. Who has made the decision to learn and understand all the issues that face this nation? Ben Carson. Who is running for President  for no other reason but to save our Republic? Ben Carson. Who will never allow ego, partisanship, ideology or enrichment goals to stop him from doing what is best for America, always? Ben Carson. Please go to his site and read his policy papers. He has a plan to secure our borders and reform immigration and to ID everyone here.  He has a workable plan to reform Healthcare that saves us money and gives us better care. He has a fair tax plan that that rids us of the abusive corrupt incompetent IRS. He has a plan to reform our regulations so that investment monies come back to America, again. He has a plan to save Medicare and Social Security for our children. He has a plan to protect and support Syrian refuges in Syria instead of reckless mass immigration to here and Europe. He has a plan to build up our failed inner cities, creating enterprise zones,  providing jobs, safety and quality education. He has a plan to allow school choice where the money follows the child.  I think you will agree with me. Dr Ben Carson will make a very good President of the United States. He will make us proud to be Americans. It is time that America leads by example.  That means we do not strong arm our neighbors, we do not make deals with Radical Islamist groups and nations and we do not become interventionists. Carson will persuade and gently guide. He will make sure our nation  walks the walk and becomes a nation guided by a Constitution that limits government, guarantees our individual rights and encourages self governance  Dr.. Carson will return this nation back to the Founders’ vision for America, making us that shining city on the hill, that hope for humanity.

America, our nation was meant to be governed by our citizens, not by a small elite political class or by the rich and powerful. If America wants the change she talks about, she will vote for Ben Carson, the only real outsider in the race, now.




Who can really fix America?My take on the Democrats

America cannot continue to blame the Washington inside game for our problems and then turn around and elect an insider to the Presidency. America will not clean up the corruption and incompetence that has corrupted our capital by electing someone who has participated in the pay to play game that is the insider game that keeps the drone waste and fraud bureaucracies going.  Only a true outsider who has proven that he can lead with moral authority can stop this train of moral and economic bankruptcy. Only a man that is trustworthy and honorable can fix our nation. Only the candidate that has walked the walk of the principled man can fix our nation. Only a uniter, a persuader can fix our nation. Only a man  . So, who is the man that will bring sanity back to America? So who is the man who can return us to the Founders’ vision of small federal government , fiscal responsibility,state’s rights and personnel responsibility?

The Democrat Party  has offered up a proven ruthless, incompetent, corrupt, liar and a democratic Socialist. Socialism has no place in America. Americans can never be the worker bees for the state hive and still be Americans. The whole idea of the American Dream is that anyone can lift themselves up economically thru hard work and education.  There is no upward mobility in socialism. The powerful state doles out your fair share of the pie and when it runs out of other people’s money, the people are oppressed and impoverished. There is nothing to keep investors, job creators and rich people in America if  you tax and regulate them  into a mass exodus.  I wouldn’t stay here if you took 60-95% of my money, why would anyone think our job creators would stay? They did not get to be successful people by being lemmings.   Bernie Sanders is not American Presidential material.  Heavens, he is so old, he would not make it thru the Presidency.  Bernie may be the benevolent dictator we hear about, but whoever he appoints as Vice President may just exploit the powerful state organization that Bernie sets in place to force America to bend under a Marxist regime. We should all remember, Marx, the father of Marxism, said that socialism is the first step to communism, his utopian vision for the world. Many in President Obama’s inner circle are either communists or Muslim Brotherhood. Both support very statist governments.

Now let’s talk Hillary Clinton. There is more to know about her and her husband than anyone cares to know. It is how Hillary handled Bill’s women that enlightens the world to her ruthless, amoral compass. She and the Clinton machine destroyed the character of every woman that Bill Clinton was involved with and she covered up his predatory nature for decades. What they did to a young intern still follows her. Bill Clinton has never been held to account. Hillary Clinton has never been held to account. As Senator, Hillary voted to fund the Iraq War, but now she rewrites history and says she was lied to. If she was lied to, she was lied to by the intel from all the other nations around the world, including the UN.  As Secretary of State, she set up a private server to hide her activity from not just the Obama Administration, but also from the American people, her employer. Will we ever know if her private server was the backdoor to all the other government hacks by foreign groups and governments? Not if Obama can help it because he was complicit in putting the safety and security of our nation at risk. He knew about the private server. Why did he allow it? Many people in our government knew about Hillary’s unprotected server, why didn’t anyone come forward? Truly our bureaucracies need to be reduced and reformed, they are choosing partisanship, cronyism and ideology over the good of the nation.  Some have been used as political weapons against Obama’s opposition and We The People.

Now, back to Hillary Clinton. She led the charge towards intervening in Libya, the Ukraine, Egypt and Syria. We and NATO bombed Libya into a failed state and did not assist the new government in stabilizing itself. How moral and responsible is that? Libya is a terrorist state now. We encouraged and supported regime change in Ukraine which led to Russia annexing Crimea. Russia is now threatening the Baltic  states sovereignty, as well as the Ukraine’s, while America sits by and does not build the missile defense system and does not arm these states. Neither does NATO.  Hillary supported the Muslim Brotherhood ascension in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, the mother of Al Qaida and the grandmother to all the Radical Islamist groups, including Daesh. Thank goodness, the Egyptians rose up and kicked the Muslim Brotherhood out of power. It should be noted that both Hillary and Obama still have ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ties to them here at home.  Hillary also led the charge for regime change in Syria and she supported arming and training radical Islamist groups to bring about that change. Our Libyan Ambassador and his people died in the State sanctioned facilitation of arms to Syrian rebels.  Was this facilitation the reason, Hillary and Obama decreased security to Libya, refused all increased security requests, sent the Ambassador to Benghazi on 911 and did not send help when they were attacked? Was this why they did not want anyone to know the attackers were radical islamists and attempted to blame a soft porn video?  Bottom line, the State Department has failed under Hillary Clinton. The world became so unstable. We have wars within wars all over the Middle East and Africa. Radical Islam threatens our nation and the entire war with it’s barbaric supremacist political theology and we have no counter narrative propaganda from the State Department or the Obama Administration. They treat them like ordinary criminals, not the religious cult members they are.  Hillary Clinton is not presidential material. Again her age and her health are in question. She would no doubt put a more hardline socialist in the VP position to solidify the majority of the Democrat Party.  Again, the Republic would be at risk with her Presidency.

No matter which candidate, both would grow government, both would increase the nation destroying $19 Trillion debt with more socialist agendas. Democrats do not have a fiscal bone in their body.  Both candidates are a danger to our Republic and our Constitution.  Both candidate not respect or defend the constitutionally defined limitations of government.

Sorry Jeb, America just cannot have a Dynasty.

Sorry Jeb, we can’t have a dynasty. We know you would make a good President, a more than competent President, we know you are a good man, but we are America. We just can’t have a family dynasty. …….Ben Carson has my vote. Nothing says we can’t have a good man as President. Nothing says we can’t have a quiet man, a reserved man, a humble man, a man who loves God, as President. Nothing says we can’t have an honorable and trustworthy man for President. Nothing says we can’t have someone outside of the political class and outside of the crony elite class, as President. When your neighbors says,” Ben is just too nice to be President”, what does that say about the state of things in America? Perhaps if America walked the walk and lived up to it’s principles and lived by it’s Constitution, things would not be in such turmoil in our land and around the world. Perhaps if America led by example, other nations would take note and we would have peace. I will be voting for the good man, the wise man, the principled man, the ethical man,………..not the amoral deal makers and those backed by the big donors, the special interest groups that infect our nation, not another crowd pleaser .like Obama, not another Marxist like Obama, not a man that is too young to have the wisdom and experienced needed for the Presidency……all the flawed leaders who got us into this economic and foreign policy mess. I will be voting for Dr. Ben Carson.  America’s voters need to stop settling and walk the walk themselves. If we hold our nose and leave our principles before entering the ballot box we are complicit in the crony corrupt and incompetent government we continue to have.

My take on the GOP candidates


The primary vote is the people’s true voice. We may end up voting for someone else in the election, but now it is time to make our individual voices heard. Everyone will gather the facts, look at the policy papers from each candidate and each voter will choose who they think can lead our nation best. Tomorrow, South Carolina will vote. South Carolinians will decide who can unite our nation, jump start our economy, defeat Radical Islam and secures our borders. All of the GOP candidates have conservative plans to achieve the above, some more conservative, more establishment and some more tentative. However, Ben Carson is the only candidate that can unite our nation. He is one of two candidates who will support and implement the change needed to return our nation to the Founders’ vision for America, small government, state’s rights and governing within the limitations of our Constitution. That other presidential candidate is Ted Cruz, but he will have less success in implementing those changes because he does not have the skills to unite our people and like Rubio, he may not have the experience and wisdom needed because of his youth. Granted they will all be more fiscally sane than H. Clinton and B Sanders, but Trump, Rubio, Bush and Kasich will not reduce the abusive costly footprint of government. Sadly, all six  believe that government is the answer, that more control of our social and economic policies is called for. After years of division, our nation needs to heal and unite before we can reform our government and return her to being that shining city on the hill, that nation of opportunity where promises and hopes are fulfilled. Ben Carson has the intellect, the wisdom and courage to find and implement the solutions needed to fix this economy, unite our people, defend our nation and defeat our enemies. This nation needs an honorable man we can trust to lead our nation. There is no other candidate that is as honorable and trustworthy as Ben Carson. The other six presidential candidates have all participated in the cronyism that has infected Washington, today. Let’s face it, no one is ever prepared for the complex job of the American Presidency, so we must look at how each candidate has reacted to the problems he has faced in the past. Who will never allowed ego, partisanship, cronyism, ideology or enrichment goals to stop him from doing his best for our people and our nation?  Who will always put America first. How has he made decisions in the past? Has he used logic and facts in making them or has he been swayed with emotions and personal issues? How has he conducted himself in the past?  I look at Carson and I see a man that has lived the American Dream and a man that believes in the force for good that is America. I see a man we all can be proud of, a principled man, a moral man.America needs a President above reproach if we are to clean up the corruption, incompetence and cronyism that has infected Washington. I believe that man is Ben Carson.








The Constitution mandates that Obama nominate a Supreme Court Justice, but the Senate does not have to accept it.

I do not think that Barack Obama will nominate an originalist, someone that believes in the original meaning of the Constitution. The judiciary committee’s majority and minority should give a summary paper on what they think of each of of Obama’s candidate after an short investigation. If the nominee has no history, then say he/she has no history to decide if they are qualified. If the nominee has a history of judicial activism. Then say that disqualifies them. Our Supreme Court was supposed to decide if a law was Constitutional, not re interpret and modify the Constitution’s original meaning. There is nothing that says the Republican majority has to except any nominee who is not an originalist. All of the messes that we face today, are because we do not obey our Constitution. Our government was supposed to be a non interventionist government. Our government was supposed to be a small government that supported self governance for our people. Our government was supposed to support state’s rights. In fact the Senators were supposed to be chosen by the state government to insure they would always represent their State’s issues. Our government is not supposed to take on any powers other than what is enumerated in our Constitution. Those powers are……
The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;–DOES ANYONE THINK OUR TAX LAW IS UNIFORM? IS OUR GOVERNMENT PAYING OUR DEBT?
To borrow on the credit of the United States;AT $19TRILLION DEBT, I WOULD SAY THEY HAVE ABUSED THEIR POWER, WOULDN’T YOU?
To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;
To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;
To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;
To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;
To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;
To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;
To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;
To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;
To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;
To provide and maintain a Navy;
To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;
To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;
To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;
To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; And
To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.
— Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution
Several amendments explicitly grant Congress additional powers. For example, the Sixteenth Amendment grants the power to “lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived.” This statement about the Sixteenth Amendment basically quotes the amendment but opens the door for an erroneous understanding of the purpose of the amendment. The Supreme Court specifically states that the Sixteenth Amendment provided Congress with no new taxing powers. “. . . The provisions of the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new power of taxation but simply prohibited the previous complete and plenary power of income taxation possessed by Congress from the beginning from being taken out of the category of indirect taxation to which it inherently belonged . . .” Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co., 240 U.S. 103, 112-13 (1916), OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO. IT has supplanted the duties of the states and the local governments. The Federal Government bureaucracies cannot be controlled. As we are seeing no one can be fired for incompetence or criminal activity. Indeed we have seen the bureaucracies used as political ideological weapons against We The People. Almost every service the Federal Bureaucracies provide, the states and local governments can do better and…….We the People can control the misdeads of our State and local government bureaucracies and officials a whole lot more effectively than the Feds.

Ben Carson is the only candidate that can unite us.

Who is more honest and trustworthy than Ben Carson? Who is a more principled man? Why is the media ignoring and marginalizing this man, insisting he is unelectable and unprepared? Instead the media and our political leaders serve us up a corrupt incompetent woman who has an indictment looming over her head, a socialist who wants to make us all worker bees for the hive state, a loud mouth insulter who uses Progressive Propaganda against his GOP opposition and who participated in the pay to play that has corrupted Washington, two too young Hispanic Senators who squirm and parse their words on immigration, and two Governors who are more partisan and establishment than the public wants this time around and who present us with old outdated solutions.   No one is ready for the Presidency. No one. We have to look at the content of a man’s character and how he reacts to emergencies. How does he find and implement solutions for the problems he has faced. How does he decide what solutions to implement? Carson has the intellect to grasp complex issues and he does not allow ego, partisanship, personnel enrichment goals or ideology to blind or stop him from finding and implementing the solutions to fix whatever problem he is faced with. He uses logic,common sense and facts to make his decisions. Let’s face it, career politicians have made a helluva mess both here and abroad. We may lose our Republic and we may start another World War because of what they have done and what they have not done. It will take an outsider to clean it up. It will take someone that can think out of the box to find solutions. Dr. Ben Carson has my vote. I think he is the only candidate who can unite our nation, repair the economy and our foreign relations and he is the only candidate who can return America back to the Founders’ vision. After years of created division and instability from the Democrats and Obama , we need a uniter, a man that has the will, the courage and the wisdom to stand against the special interests that threaten our liberty and our nation.

My take on Trump and Sanders

We know Bernie will go full on Socialism for America.There will be more control over social and economic policies. Bernie really believes the Marxist crap, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” In other words your social level will depend on what government thinks is your ability and government will decide what your quality of living is,providing your housing,food,and living allotment. There is NO upward mobility in Socialism. You are on the government plantation with Socialism.
It all will be paid for with higher taxes for all. We The People will be worker bees for the  State “hive”. That is what U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders will bring to America if we are stupid enough to elect him.
As for Donald J. Trump Trump. Trump is not limited government. He has participated in the cronyism and pay to play policies that have corrupted government. He brags about making deals,not principled negotiations, so he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his way. He will use imminent domain for private sector profit, selling it as “for the greater good and a conduit increased tax revenue”. That means the rich and powerful, including the government will always win over the little guy. There is no doubt, Trump will be more fiscally sane and he will increase revenues thru job creations, but he will also, still increase the statist government path we are on today, increasing government control over social and economic policies. Trump supports a one payer healthcare system for all. That means only the rich will receive quality care. Without competition, without fair remuneration, our quality of care will decrease.  Doctors and other healthcare workers will not endure the rigors and costs of education to get paid with a government mandated payment. Trump is a mixed bag. He has a handle on what are problems are, but he also believes that government is the answer.  I am not so sure that Trump would not choose ego and self enrichment over the good of the American people. If you want less government controls for our social issues and economic policies and if you believe that big government guarantees there is less individual freedoms for all Americans, Trump is not your guy.

The Primary vote is your voice America. Use it.

The primary vote is the people’s true voice. We all may end up voting for a different candidate in the election, but this is the primary, this is our chance to voice our opinion, our choice. Make up your mind New Hampshire. Who has the intellect, the judgement, the wisdom and the courage to find and implement the solutions to fix our nation? Who has the will and principles to clean up the corruption, incompetence and cronyism that infects our government today? Who will not allow ego, partisanship, self enrichment and ideology to stop him/her from doing what is best for America and her people? Who will have the good sense to surround himself/herself with expert advisers, listen to them when crafting and implementing the solutions to fix our problems. No one knows everything about everything, but who has the ability to understand complex issues and who has the ability to think out of the box to find solutions for our many problems. Who can unite our people and return our nation back to the Founders’ vision.? Who will govern within the limitations of the Constitution?  Who is trustworthy and honorable? My Florida primary vote goes to Ben Carson. He is a match to what I want in a President. Make up your mind New Hampshire, don’t allow the pundits and the candidates to manipulate you. Don’t limit yourself to who is the most electable. Don’t settle for less that you want. List what you want in a President. Trust yourself, New Hampshire voters. Use your primary vote to make your voice heard. Vote for who you think can lead this nation best.

My take on the Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump

If you want your President to work with Congress to reduce the footprint of government, Donald is not your guy. He has participated in the Pay to Play that has corrupted Washington and is threatening our Republic. Donald uses the same Obama tactics of ridicule, insult,distract, disrupt and deceive to silence his opposition and force his will. Like Obama, like Hillary Clinton, Trump would increase the Executive Branch’s powers. Megalomania has a major role in all three of their personalities.

Ted Cruz

If you want a President who will govern within the limitations of the Constitution, Ted is your man. If you want someone who will reduce the footprint of government and return social services to the States, Ted is your man. Though he admitted the unethical conduct of his people and apologized, it should be noted that Cruz did not discipline his staff when they deceived the caucus goers to steal Ben Carson’s votes. I don’t know why. He may be too young to have that wisdom. Also, Ted has not shown that he can work well with others and persuade them to follow his leadership.

Marco Rubio

He is a war hawk and ill involve us in more and bigger wars. He is an interventionist. He has shown he is able to reach across the isle and work with them, however, he may not be wise enough to avoid the traps the left sets to force their way, as we saw with the immigration reform that was not passed.  It may be that he is too young to have the wisdom needed as President.  If you want a reformed,diminished government footprint and less executive branch power, Rubio represents the establishment and will not give you that.

Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christi

All Governors. They would bring fiscal sanity to Washington. Kasich and Bush being better than Christi on that score. However if you want a smaller government, less power in the Executive Branch, governing within the limitations of our Constitution, none are your candidate. They are the establishment. They do not think out of the box to solve our problems. They too believe in interventionist foreign policy and nation building.

Carly Fiorina

She knows how bureaucracies work and she knows how to make them run in an efficient, just and fiscally sane manner. She would reduce the abusive footprint of our government. She has met many of our foreign leaders. She has common sense. She would make a great President, however, she might not work well with others. The jury is out on whether she can unite our nation.

Ben Carson

Carson can unite our nation. His rhetoric is not abrasive, but he stands firm for what he wants and he is a principled and courageous man. He can persuade. He can explain his views. He can work well with others. He has common sense and is not hindered by ideology, partisanship, self enrichment goals or ego.  In the past, he has surrounded himself with expert advisers and been willing to listen to them. His ego has not stopped him. His intellect has allowed him to understand complex issues and problems and……..he has solved and implemented solutions for those problems.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary would make sure our government’s Statist trajectory continues. More power for the executive branch, more  government contol over social and economic policies. She would not govern withing the limitations of our Constitution and neither would the Supreme Court judges that she would appoint. Amazingly, she has been under investigation and threatened indictment for one thing or another, since White Water Days in Arkansas.  Her ethics are not good.  She acts in an entitled manner and does not live under the rules that she demands  others obey.  The pay to play policies that corrupt Washington would increase. The connection between government access and the Clinton Foundation donations and speech fees during her tenure with the State Department is astoundingly bold and greedy. The poor judgement and reckless disregard for our security that she showed with the use of a private server is criminal. She could not have done her job without sensitive information and she had to have known some of the info found on her server was top secret, marked or not. She has been in government for decades. Even if she never comes under indictment because of partisan politics, no one will ever trust her judgement again.  We will always wonder if the hacks on her server damaged our security. We will always wonder if the hacks on her server were the back door to all the other government hacks we have had of late. Hillary Clinton has shown she is not Presidential material.

Bernie Sanders

We will not see any reduction in the power of the Executive Branch with Bernie. He is a Socialist. Young people need to look at what has happened in Venzuela, the most recent adventure in socialism. Socialism brought oppression and poverty to it’s people. Bernie points out the social goodness and fairness of Canada and Sweden. I would point out that there is no upward mobility in their populations. They are have embraced the Marx philosophy of

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

I don’t see America being part of the hive. I don’t see Americans being worker bees for the state, allowing the state to dole out our room and board.  I don’t think Americans are content to become more dependent on the government’s largesse.  The European socialist governments are having a hard time supporting the new migrants. The unrest has begun, there, as they too are running out of other people’s money and taxpayers are feeling used and abused. Bernie will increase statism in America and will increase the government’s power and control over our social and economic lives. He is big totalitarian government. Bernie would be a benign dictator,he means well, however the person after him may not be. Once we have surrendered our Constitution individual freedoms for social programs to take care of us, the government will never surrender it’s power and control over us.

The primary vote is the people’s true voice. Make up your mind New Hampshire primary voters. Don’t allow the pundits or the candidates to manipulate you.  Don’t limit yourself to who is the most electable. Don’t settle for less that you want. List what you want in a President. Trust yourself. Use your primary vote to make your voice heard, New Hampshire primary voters. Vote for who you think can lead this nation best. Which candidate has the intellect, the judgement, the wisdom and the courage to find and implement the solutions to fix our nation? Who has the will and principles to clean up the corruption, the incompetence and the cronyism that infects our government today? Who will not allow ego, partisanship, self enrichment and ideology to stop him from doing what is best for America and her people? Who can unite our people and return our nation back to the Founders’ vision.? Who is trustworthy and honorable? YOU CHOOSE.  I CHOOSE Ben Carson. He is a match to what I want in a President.