The question should NOT be “Who will win the Iowa Caucus?” The question should be”Who will make the best President?”

The question should not be “Who do you think will win the Iowa caucus?” That is the wrong question. The question should be “Who do you think will make the best President?” This is not a sport. This is not a game. Our Republic is at risk. We are in trouble ………. I will be voting for Dr. Ben Carson in the Florida primary…… Iowa lead the way. The primaries, the caucuses are the one chance for the individual to be heard. It is the people’s true voice. Who do you think would make the best President? This is your chance to be heard. You may end up voting for someone else in the election, but now is the time for you to vote your choice. Who is your choice.? Who is the best man to lead? Despite what the pundits say, NO ONE is prepared for the job of President of the United States. It is the most difficult job in the world and a President must be able to choose his advisers wisely and then he must listen to them. In the end, though, it is the President who makes the decisions. Who can you trust? Who has the best judgement? Who is the most honorable of candidates? Who can unite this nation? Who can fix our problems? Who has the wisdom, the courage and the intellect to lead this nation with moral clarity? Who will not allow their ego, their partisanship, their self enrichment goals or their ideology stop them from doing what is best for America and her people? Who is the principled man? Who is the man who will govern within the limitations of our Constitution? Gather your facts, Iowa, think with logic, vote your choice. Make your voice be heard.


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