President Obama accuses America of Islamophobia

President Obama  says America is Islamophoic and we are oppressing the Muslims.  He is creating a crisis where there is none for political and ideological gain.   The problem with President Obama is that he does not differentiate between Radical Islam and reformed Islam. In fact he continues to align himself with the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother of all Radical Islamist Sunni groups. It is the supremacist political theology that is the enemy of all the world. There can be no coexist for the modern world with this supremacist political theology. Sharia law cannot coexist with the Constitution. Muslims must assimilate. They are here fleeing the chaos and oppression that Sharia laws have created. I do not understand why they do not think Sharia supremacist doctrine would not create that chaos and instability here in America. We have seen supremacist doctrine destroy before, now Radical Islam has added the new elements to that oppressive obscenity, that of religion and barbarism. Accept for Zuhdi Jasser and his group, I do not hear Muslim leaders denouncing the supremacist theological doctrine of Radical Islam. It makes you wonder why. Christianity and Judaism have left violent supremacist doctrine long ago. It is time for Islam to do so now.


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