My take on the Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump

If you want your President to work with Congress to reduce the footprint of government, Donald is not your guy. He has participated in the Pay to Play that has corrupted Washington and is threatening our Republic. Donald uses the same Obama tactics of ridicule, insult,distract, disrupt and deceive to silence his opposition and force his will. Like Obama, like Hillary Clinton, Trump would increase the Executive Branch’s powers. Megalomania has a major role in all three of their personalities.

Ted Cruz

If you want a President who will govern within the limitations of the Constitution, Ted is your man. If you want someone who will reduce the footprint of government and return social services to the States, Ted is your man. Though he admitted the unethical conduct of his people and apologized, it should be noted that Cruz did not discipline his staff when they deceived the caucus goers to steal Ben Carson’s votes. I don’t know why. He may be too young to have that wisdom. Also, Ted has not shown that he can work well with others and persuade them to follow his leadership.

Marco Rubio

He is a war hawk and ill involve us in more and bigger wars. He is an interventionist. He has shown he is able to reach across the isle and work with them, however, he may not be wise enough to avoid the traps the left sets to force their way, as we saw with the immigration reform that was not passed.  It may be that he is too young to have the wisdom needed as President.  If you want a reformed,diminished government footprint and less executive branch power, Rubio represents the establishment and will not give you that.

Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christi

All Governors. They would bring fiscal sanity to Washington. Kasich and Bush being better than Christi on that score. However if you want a smaller government, less power in the Executive Branch, governing within the limitations of our Constitution, none are your candidate. They are the establishment. They do not think out of the box to solve our problems. They too believe in interventionist foreign policy and nation building.

Carly Fiorina

She knows how bureaucracies work and she knows how to make them run in an efficient, just and fiscally sane manner. She would reduce the abusive footprint of our government. She has met many of our foreign leaders. She has common sense. She would make a great President, however, she might not work well with others. The jury is out on whether she can unite our nation.

Ben Carson

Carson can unite our nation. His rhetoric is not abrasive, but he stands firm for what he wants and he is a principled and courageous man. He can persuade. He can explain his views. He can work well with others. He has common sense and is not hindered by ideology, partisanship, self enrichment goals or ego.  In the past, he has surrounded himself with expert advisers and been willing to listen to them. His ego has not stopped him. His intellect has allowed him to understand complex issues and problems and……..he has solved and implemented solutions for those problems.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary would make sure our government’s Statist trajectory continues. More power for the executive branch, more  government contol over social and economic policies. She would not govern withing the limitations of our Constitution and neither would the Supreme Court judges that she would appoint. Amazingly, she has been under investigation and threatened indictment for one thing or another, since White Water Days in Arkansas.  Her ethics are not good.  She acts in an entitled manner and does not live under the rules that she demands  others obey.  The pay to play policies that corrupt Washington would increase. The connection between government access and the Clinton Foundation donations and speech fees during her tenure with the State Department is astoundingly bold and greedy. The poor judgement and reckless disregard for our security that she showed with the use of a private server is criminal. She could not have done her job without sensitive information and she had to have known some of the info found on her server was top secret, marked or not. She has been in government for decades. Even if she never comes under indictment because of partisan politics, no one will ever trust her judgement again.  We will always wonder if the hacks on her server damaged our security. We will always wonder if the hacks on her server were the back door to all the other government hacks we have had of late. Hillary Clinton has shown she is not Presidential material.

Bernie Sanders

We will not see any reduction in the power of the Executive Branch with Bernie. He is a Socialist. Young people need to look at what has happened in Venzuela, the most recent adventure in socialism. Socialism brought oppression and poverty to it’s people. Bernie points out the social goodness and fairness of Canada and Sweden. I would point out that there is no upward mobility in their populations. They are have embraced the Marx philosophy of

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

I don’t see America being part of the hive. I don’t see Americans being worker bees for the state, allowing the state to dole out our room and board.  I don’t think Americans are content to become more dependent on the government’s largesse.  The European socialist governments are having a hard time supporting the new migrants. The unrest has begun, there, as they too are running out of other people’s money and taxpayers are feeling used and abused. Bernie will increase statism in America and will increase the government’s power and control over our social and economic lives. He is big totalitarian government. Bernie would be a benign dictator,he means well, however the person after him may not be. Once we have surrendered our Constitution individual freedoms for social programs to take care of us, the government will never surrender it’s power and control over us.

The primary vote is the people’s true voice. Make up your mind New Hampshire primary voters. Don’t allow the pundits or the candidates to manipulate you.  Don’t limit yourself to who is the most electable. Don’t settle for less that you want. List what you want in a President. Trust yourself. Use your primary vote to make your voice heard, New Hampshire primary voters. Vote for who you think can lead this nation best. Which candidate has the intellect, the judgement, the wisdom and the courage to find and implement the solutions to fix our nation? Who has the will and principles to clean up the corruption, the incompetence and the cronyism that infects our government today? Who will not allow ego, partisanship, self enrichment and ideology to stop him from doing what is best for America and her people? Who can unite our people and return our nation back to the Founders’ vision.? Who is trustworthy and honorable? YOU CHOOSE.  I CHOOSE Ben Carson. He is a match to what I want in a President.




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