The Primary vote is your voice America. Use it.

The primary vote is the people’s true voice. We all may end up voting for a different candidate in the election, but this is the primary, this is our chance to voice our opinion, our choice. Make up your mind New Hampshire. Who has the intellect, the judgement, the wisdom and the courage to find and implement the solutions to fix our nation? Who has the will and principles to clean up the corruption, incompetence and cronyism that infects our government today? Who will not allow ego, partisanship, self enrichment and ideology to stop him/her from doing what is best for America and her people? Who will have the good sense to surround himself/herself with expert advisers, listen to them when crafting and implementing the solutions to fix our problems. No one knows everything about everything, but who has the ability to understand complex issues and who has the ability to think out of the box to find solutions for our many problems. Who can unite our people and return our nation back to the Founders’ vision.? Who will govern within the limitations of the Constitution?  Who is trustworthy and honorable? My Florida primary vote goes to Ben Carson. He is a match to what I want in a President. Make up your mind New Hampshire, don’t allow the pundits and the candidates to manipulate you. Don’t limit yourself to who is the most electable. Don’t settle for less that you want. List what you want in a President. Trust yourself, New Hampshire voters. Use your primary vote to make your voice heard. Vote for who you think can lead this nation best.


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