My take on Trump and Sanders

We know Bernie will go full on Socialism for America.There will be more control over social and economic policies. Bernie really believes the Marxist crap, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” In other words your social level will depend on what government thinks is your ability and government will decide what your quality of living is,providing your housing,food,and living allotment. There is NO upward mobility in Socialism. You are on the government plantation with Socialism.
It all will be paid for with higher taxes for all. We The People will be worker bees for the  State “hive”. That is what U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders will bring to America if we are stupid enough to elect him.
As for Donald J. Trump Trump. Trump is not limited government. He has participated in the cronyism and pay to play policies that have corrupted government. He brags about making deals,not principled negotiations, so he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his way. He will use imminent domain for private sector profit, selling it as “for the greater good and a conduit increased tax revenue”. That means the rich and powerful, including the government will always win over the little guy. There is no doubt, Trump will be more fiscally sane and he will increase revenues thru job creations, but he will also, still increase the statist government path we are on today, increasing government control over social and economic policies. Trump supports a one payer healthcare system for all. That means only the rich will receive quality care. Without competition, without fair remuneration, our quality of care will decrease.  Doctors and other healthcare workers will not endure the rigors and costs of education to get paid with a government mandated payment. Trump is a mixed bag. He has a handle on what are problems are, but he also believes that government is the answer.  I am not so sure that Trump would not choose ego and self enrichment over the good of the American people. If you want less government controls for our social issues and economic policies and if you believe that big government guarantees there is less individual freedoms for all Americans, Trump is not your guy.


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