Ben Carson is the only candidate that can unite us.

Who is more honest and trustworthy than Ben Carson? Who is a more principled man? Why is the media ignoring and marginalizing this man, insisting he is unelectable and unprepared? Instead the media and our political leaders serve us up a corrupt incompetent woman who has an indictment looming over her head, a socialist who wants to make us all worker bees for the hive state, a loud mouth insulter who uses Progressive Propaganda against his GOP opposition and who participated in the pay to play that has corrupted Washington, two too young Hispanic Senators who squirm and parse their words on immigration, and two Governors who are more partisan and establishment than the public wants this time around and who present us with old outdated solutions.   No one is ready for the Presidency. No one. We have to look at the content of a man’s character and how he reacts to emergencies. How does he find and implement solutions for the problems he has faced. How does he decide what solutions to implement? Carson has the intellect to grasp complex issues and he does not allow ego, partisanship, personnel enrichment goals or ideology to blind or stop him from finding and implementing the solutions to fix whatever problem he is faced with. He uses logic,common sense and facts to make his decisions. Let’s face it, career politicians have made a helluva mess both here and abroad. We may lose our Republic and we may start another World War because of what they have done and what they have not done. It will take an outsider to clean it up. It will take someone that can think out of the box to find solutions. Dr. Ben Carson has my vote. I think he is the only candidate who can unite our nation, repair the economy and our foreign relations and he is the only candidate who can return America back to the Founders’ vision. After years of created division and instability from the Democrats and Obama , we need a uniter, a man that has the will, the courage and the wisdom to stand against the special interests that threaten our liberty and our nation.


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