My take on the GOP candidates


The primary vote is the people’s true voice. We may end up voting for someone else in the election, but now it is time to make our individual voices heard. Everyone will gather the facts, look at the policy papers from each candidate and each voter will choose who they think can lead our nation best. Tomorrow, South Carolina will vote. South Carolinians will decide who can unite our nation, jump start our economy, defeat Radical Islam and secures our borders. All of the GOP candidates have conservative plans to achieve the above, some more conservative, more establishment and some more tentative. However, Ben Carson is the only candidate that can unite our nation. He is one of two candidates who will support and implement the change needed to return our nation to the Founders’ vision for America, small government, state’s rights and governing within the limitations of our Constitution. That other presidential candidate is Ted Cruz, but he will have less success in implementing those changes because he does not have the skills to unite our people and like Rubio, he may not have the experience and wisdom needed because of his youth. Granted they will all be more fiscally sane than H. Clinton and B Sanders, but Trump, Rubio, Bush and Kasich will not reduce the abusive costly footprint of government. Sadly, all six  believe that government is the answer, that more control of our social and economic policies is called for. After years of division, our nation needs to heal and unite before we can reform our government and return her to being that shining city on the hill, that nation of opportunity where promises and hopes are fulfilled. Ben Carson has the intellect, the wisdom and courage to find and implement the solutions needed to fix this economy, unite our people, defend our nation and defeat our enemies. This nation needs an honorable man we can trust to lead our nation. There is no other candidate that is as honorable and trustworthy as Ben Carson. The other six presidential candidates have all participated in the cronyism that has infected Washington, today. Let’s face it, no one is ever prepared for the complex job of the American Presidency, so we must look at how each candidate has reacted to the problems he has faced in the past. Who will never allowed ego, partisanship, cronyism, ideology or enrichment goals to stop him from doing his best for our people and our nation?  Who will always put America first. How has he made decisions in the past? Has he used logic and facts in making them or has he been swayed with emotions and personal issues? How has he conducted himself in the past?  I look at Carson and I see a man that has lived the American Dream and a man that believes in the force for good that is America. I see a man we all can be proud of, a principled man, a moral man.America needs a President above reproach if we are to clean up the corruption, incompetence and cronyism that has infected Washington. I believe that man is Ben Carson.









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