Who can fix America? My take on the GOP

America cannot continue to blame the Washington inside game for our problems and then turn around and elect an insider to the Presidency. America will not clean up the corruption and incompetence that has corrupted our capital by electing someone who has participated in the pay to play game that is the insider game that keeps the drone waste and fraud bureaucracies going.  Only a true outsider who has proven that he can lead with moral authority can stop this train of moral and economic bankruptcy. Only a man that is trustworthy and honorable can fix our nation. Only the candidate that has walked the walk of the principled man can fix our nation. Only a uniter, a persuader can fix our nation.  Only a man with diplomatic skills can fix America. Only a man above reproach can fix this nation . So, who is the man that will bring sanity back to America? So who is the man who can return us to the Founders’ vision of small federal government , fiscal responsibility, state’s rights and personnel responsibility?

Let’s start with the frontrunner, Donald Trump. Is he honorable, trustworthy, principled, diplomatic, moral, above reproach and can he unite our nation?  I say NO. His history shows us, he has been all over the place on the issues. He has supported the very people who have created the debt and the big government out of control bureaucracies. He has even donated to socialist/statist Democrats. He brags about receiving favors for those donations. It is the crony corruption, pay to play and greed that has infected Washington and threatens our Republic. Trump uses the same bullying tactics that Obama uses to silence his opposition and force his way. He intimidates, he ridicules,he insults, he demonizes, he deceives, he distracts, he disrupts and he makes promises that do not have solutions to back them up. I have noticed that Trump says nothing about reducing government and returning services to the states ,though he does say he will reform the bureaucracies and make them world properly.  His tax reform does not including getting rid of the IRS and he does not mention business friendly regulation reforms. Trump has used the corporate welfare and bankrupt regulations to build his empire. Do we really want another Washington insider and elitist in the Oval office?  We have all been entertained by the profane pugnaciousness of Trump. We love that he is sticking it to the career politicians and corporate elitists. While all of America should be thankful that Trump has brought everyone to the election table with his entertaining vengeance filled engaging manner, we cannot allow the anger and fear that we feel to vote for the one candidate that expresses what we feel. He has given no workable solutions for our problems. All we have is promises. All we have is a great family that surrounds this man. We had all that with Obama, too. America cannot vote for the crowd pleaser, again. We have to find the man that will make the needed changes to save our nation and return it to the “shining light on the hill”, the beacon of hope to all humanity. We are in big trouble, we must choose wisely. Trump is not Presidential material. I vote NO on Donald Trump.

Next up, are the young Senators, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Do they have the wisdom and experience to lead this very complicated nation? Obama is about the same age and I would say he is one big failure for this nation. Obama turned out to be an interventionist, encouraging and supporting regime change thru violent revolution in the Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Syria, while deserting Iraq, allowing Radical Islam to rise and destabilize the world again. Rubio supported all of the intervention and he may be a war hawk. He also supports the NSA  and FBI spying  and collecting of data on us all. He says that the FBI only want APPLE to unlock the fail system which destroys the phone if it is hacked too many times. That is not true. The FBI wants to force APPLE into making software that hacks their phones. If we allow government to force a business to make something, will a weapon or advanced spyware be next?  We saw how Rubio was used by the Democrats  with the Immigration Reform that expedited a path to citizenship, increased the numbers for more foreign workers and mass immigration,  and did nothing to enforce immigration laws or secure the borders.  Either Rubio was misinformed, duped or he deceives. In either case it shows his inability to think in a logical fact based and principled manner. There is a reason the establishment in Washington is flocking to Rubio. He will not lead the charge for the needed radical bureaucracy reforms and downsizing.He will nibble at the mess, bring some fiscal sanity, some reforms and he will never reduce the debt or balance the budget. He believes government is the answer. He says nothing about returning services to the states, nothing about state rights.  Ted Cruz is a principled man, I believe, though he did not react in a timely manner to the skullduggery that his campaign was involved in. He did not make it clear, he would not stand for dirty politics. Whether he was lied to or he chose to ignore it, I do not know. It could be chalked up to immaturity and experience. He, however, does believe in the limitations of government, state rights, secure borders, fiscally sanity and regulation reform. If allowed to he would bring change, but he does not have the diplomatic and persuasive skills that our new President must have. He cannot unite our nation. He has become a very polarizing figure. Our nation needs to unite, our leaders need to unite to fix this mess or our Republic will perish.  I vote NO on both young Senators.

Next we vet Ohio Governor Kasich. He does have a history of balancing the budget and   reforming the bureaucracies. He does believe in bloc granting money back to the states for Medicaid and Healthcare. He does believe the states can provide for their people better than the Federal Government. However, his ego worries me.  After 7-8 years of an egomaniac in the White House, I wonder if we need another–albeit a lesser ego. I also wonder if his pass success of working across the aisle may hinder him in accomplishing a balanced budget  and reforms immersed in fiscal sanity.  The Democrat Party , today, is not the same party that Reagan and he worked with. Democrats are controlled by the iron fist of leftist radicals.  Democrats have proven they cannot be trusted to bargain, honestly. Their statist ideology of more economic and social controls is what is destroying our Republic. Using deception, demonization, organized protest, divisive  rhetoric, grievance politics to silence and disrupt, the Democrats and Obama have forced thru many anti constitutional programs.   We need someone who can unite our people in common purpose to save our nation, to silence and the Democrat statist leaning leadership.  I do not believe Governor Kasich can accomplish that. I think he is an old style politician who is working by the same script from years ago. We need someone who can think out of the box to fix the moral and economic decay of our nation. I vote NO on Governor Kasich.

I believe  Ben Carson checks all the boxes in the above first paragraph and more.  Who is more honorable and Trustworthy? No one. Who is the principled man who will not bend to the will of the powerful? Ben Carson.   Reading his policy papers have only encouraged me in this belief.  Who does not allow his ego stop him from surrounding himself with expert advisers when forming a plan to find solutions for a problem?   Ben Carson. Who has the ability to understand complex issues? Ben Carson. Who uses logic, common sense and facts to find the solutions needed to fix a problem? Ben Carson.  Who has the intellect the courage and the wisdom to lead this nation? Ben Carson. Who has the judgement and moral clarity needed to lead this nation?  Ben Carson. Who has answered more 3AM calls? Ben Carson. Who has made the decision to learn and understand all the issues that face this nation? Ben Carson. Who is running for President  for no other reason but to save our Republic? Ben Carson. Who will never allow ego, partisanship, ideology or enrichment goals to stop him from doing what is best for America, always? Ben Carson. Please go to his site and read his policy papers. He has a plan to secure our borders and reform immigration and to ID everyone here.  He has a workable plan to reform Healthcare that saves us money and gives us better care. He has a fair tax plan that that rids us of the abusive corrupt incompetent IRS. He has a plan to reform our regulations so that investment monies come back to America, again. He has a plan to save Medicare and Social Security for our children. He has a plan to protect and support Syrian refuges in Syria instead of reckless mass immigration to here and Europe. He has a plan to build up our failed inner cities, creating enterprise zones,  providing jobs, safety and quality education. He has a plan to allow school choice where the money follows the child.  I think you will agree with me. Dr Ben Carson will make a very good President of the United States. He will make us proud to be Americans. It is time that America leads by example.  That means we do not strong arm our neighbors, we do not make deals with Radical Islamist groups and nations and we do not become interventionists. Carson will persuade and gently guide. He will make sure our nation  walks the walk and becomes a nation guided by a Constitution that limits government, guarantees our individual rights and encourages self governance  Dr.. Carson will return this nation back to the Founders’ vision for America, making us that shining city on the hill, that hope for humanity.

America, our nation was meant to be governed by our citizens, not by a small elite political class or by the rich and powerful. If America wants the change she talks about, she will vote for Ben Carson, the only real outsider in the race, now.





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