Who can really fix America?My take on the Democrats

America cannot continue to blame the Washington inside game for our problems and then turn around and elect an insider to the Presidency. America will not clean up the corruption and incompetence that has corrupted our capital by electing someone who has participated in the pay to play game that is the insider game that keeps the drone waste and fraud bureaucracies going.  Only a true outsider who has proven that he can lead with moral authority can stop this train of moral and economic bankruptcy. Only a man that is trustworthy and honorable can fix our nation. Only the candidate that has walked the walk of the principled man can fix our nation. Only a uniter, a persuader can fix our nation. Only a man  . So, who is the man that will bring sanity back to America? So who is the man who can return us to the Founders’ vision of small federal government , fiscal responsibility,state’s rights and personnel responsibility?

The Democrat Party  has offered up a proven ruthless, incompetent, corrupt, liar and a democratic Socialist. Socialism has no place in America. Americans can never be the worker bees for the state hive and still be Americans. The whole idea of the American Dream is that anyone can lift themselves up economically thru hard work and education.  There is no upward mobility in socialism. The powerful state doles out your fair share of the pie and when it runs out of other people’s money, the people are oppressed and impoverished. There is nothing to keep investors, job creators and rich people in America if  you tax and regulate them  into a mass exodus.  I wouldn’t stay here if you took 60-95% of my money, why would anyone think our job creators would stay? They did not get to be successful people by being lemmings.   Bernie Sanders is not American Presidential material.  Heavens, he is so old, he would not make it thru the Presidency.  Bernie may be the benevolent dictator we hear about, but whoever he appoints as Vice President may just exploit the powerful state organization that Bernie sets in place to force America to bend under a Marxist regime. We should all remember, Marx, the father of Marxism, said that socialism is the first step to communism, his utopian vision for the world. Many in President Obama’s inner circle are either communists or Muslim Brotherhood. Both support very statist governments.

Now let’s talk Hillary Clinton. There is more to know about her and her husband than anyone cares to know. It is how Hillary handled Bill’s women that enlightens the world to her ruthless, amoral compass. She and the Clinton machine destroyed the character of every woman that Bill Clinton was involved with and she covered up his predatory nature for decades. What they did to a young intern still follows her. Bill Clinton has never been held to account. Hillary Clinton has never been held to account. As Senator, Hillary voted to fund the Iraq War, but now she rewrites history and says she was lied to. If she was lied to, she was lied to by the intel from all the other nations around the world, including the UN.  As Secretary of State, she set up a private server to hide her activity from not just the Obama Administration, but also from the American people, her employer. Will we ever know if her private server was the backdoor to all the other government hacks by foreign groups and governments? Not if Obama can help it because he was complicit in putting the safety and security of our nation at risk. He knew about the private server. Why did he allow it? Many people in our government knew about Hillary’s unprotected server, why didn’t anyone come forward? Truly our bureaucracies need to be reduced and reformed, they are choosing partisanship, cronyism and ideology over the good of the nation.  Some have been used as political weapons against Obama’s opposition and We The People.

Now, back to Hillary Clinton. She led the charge towards intervening in Libya, the Ukraine, Egypt and Syria. We and NATO bombed Libya into a failed state and did not assist the new government in stabilizing itself. How moral and responsible is that? Libya is a terrorist state now. We encouraged and supported regime change in Ukraine which led to Russia annexing Crimea. Russia is now threatening the Baltic  states sovereignty, as well as the Ukraine’s, while America sits by and does not build the missile defense system and does not arm these states. Neither does NATO.  Hillary supported the Muslim Brotherhood ascension in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, the mother of Al Qaida and the grandmother to all the Radical Islamist groups, including Daesh. Thank goodness, the Egyptians rose up and kicked the Muslim Brotherhood out of power. It should be noted that both Hillary and Obama still have ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ties to them here at home.  Hillary also led the charge for regime change in Syria and she supported arming and training radical Islamist groups to bring about that change. Our Libyan Ambassador and his people died in the State sanctioned facilitation of arms to Syrian rebels.  Was this facilitation the reason, Hillary and Obama decreased security to Libya, refused all increased security requests, sent the Ambassador to Benghazi on 911 and did not send help when they were attacked? Was this why they did not want anyone to know the attackers were radical islamists and attempted to blame a soft porn video?  Bottom line, the State Department has failed under Hillary Clinton. The world became so unstable. We have wars within wars all over the Middle East and Africa. Radical Islam threatens our nation and the entire war with it’s barbaric supremacist political theology and we have no counter narrative propaganda from the State Department or the Obama Administration. They treat them like ordinary criminals, not the religious cult members they are.  Hillary Clinton is not presidential material. Again her age and her health are in question. She would no doubt put a more hardline socialist in the VP position to solidify the majority of the Democrat Party.  Again, the Republic would be at risk with her Presidency.

No matter which candidate, both would grow government, both would increase the nation destroying $19 Trillion debt with more socialist agendas. Democrats do not have a fiscal bone in their body.  Both candidates are a danger to our Republic and our Constitution.  Both candidate not respect or defend the constitutionally defined limitations of government.


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