It has to matter…otherwise the Republic is lost, We The People will lose.

Trustworthiness and honor has to matter. Honesty has to matter.  Integrity has to matter. Logical, fact based thinking has to matter. Common sense has to matter. Intellect has to matter. Wisdom has to matter. Courage has to matter. Moral integrity has to matter. Being principled has to matter. If the above attributes do not matter to our citizens when choosing our leaders, then how can we ever choose someone that has the will to do what is best for our people?

How can we fix what is wrong with America without a President that embodies all of the above?  How can we stop the cronyism and corruption in Washington without a President who has never involved himself in said cronyism and corruption? How can we reform our tax and regulatory codes so that those reforms can both encourage investment and protect We The People from the abuse of government, if we have a President who supports using the tax and regulatory codes to control his/her economic and social policies ? How can we have another President that uses executive orders and government bureaucracies to govern our nation, working around the Judicial and Legislative Branches.  How can we have another egomaniac “President Bully” who divides us with his divisive, reckless,and dangerous rhetoric? How can we have another President who uses ridicule, insults, intimidation and deception and litigation to silence his opposition?  How can we elect another man who is so  uninformed  and too lazy to drill down on the complex issues,to become our President? How  can  we stop the  current  interventionist policies abroad, if we have a President whose first instincts are to encourage and support violent revolution to  achieve regime change and not a President who leads by example and persuasion?  How can we live up to our goal of America being a force for good, when we have a President who insists on keeping the riches of sovereign nations for ourselves like a common carpetbagger, after we help them out militarily?  How can we have a President  who recklessly endangered our nation’s security when she used her personnel unprotected server for government business that included top secret and sensitive documents. How can we have a President who showed the bad judgement to decrease security for Libya, deny many security requests, send our Ambassador and his people into Radical Islamist held Benghazi and then….refuse to send help when they were attacked?  How can we elect one of two Presidential candidates who are first term Senators, knowing what a mess the current one term Senator has made of his Presidency?  How can we elect a Democratic Socialist as President of the United States of America , knowing there is no way that We The People in the land of the free, will ever stand for being worker bees to the state hive? Are we crazy? Have we allowed our anger and fear to drive us into creating our own demise?  Will we put our trust again in another corrupt and incompetent man/women? Will we vote for another President who will allow their ego, their selfishness, their partisanship, their ideology or their personnel enrichment goals , to stop them from doing what is best for our nation and our people?

Ben Carson is the last of the outsiders. He is the outsider that we all said we wanted to clean up Washington and return our nation back to the Founders’ vision of small government, states rights, peace and prosperity . I will be voting for Ben Carson in my primary. I will deny the demand of the pundits and the politically connected, who say we must vote for Ted or Marco to beat Trump. I will use my primary vote to vote for the man that I think will make us a damn fine President. A President we can be proud of. One that will bring back America’s optimism and love of neighbor back. A man we all can trust to do what is best for our nation and her people.  I will vote for the good man.


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