Are we really going to elect another big government egomaniac President?


Are we really going to elect another big government egomaniac President?

America, let’s think this out, please. What is there about Barack Obama that you do not like? He is an egomaniac. He is a crowd pleaser, a mob inciter, to the point the people will blindly follow him with unthinking emotion.  He thinks that government bureaucracy is to be used as a weapon to force his will on us. He is a bully. He is a narcissist. He is selfish. He is a braggart.  He is deceptive. He uses divisive rhetoric, ridicule, insults and demonization to silence and marginalize his opposition. He will deal with the devil to force his will. Now, describe Donald Trump. All of the above describes the Donald, too.  Where Obama does not have a fiscal bone in his body, Trump demands money for everything, including charging Mexico for the wall he will build and  keeping the riches of sovereign nations for the help they receive from us in repelling their enemies. Trump is a carpetbagger on steroids. Given his leftist agenda, I question Obama’s love for this nation, but I do not question Trump’s. Trump loves America, but can we afford another decade of divisive rhetoric that damages our people. Given the recklessness and impulsiveness of some of his statements, can we trust Trump not to cause an international incident? He has already insulted several nations, given time, I am sure he will get around to insulting the rest.

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