Ben Carson bows out.

Well, America we rejected the honest and trustworthy outsider we said we wanted. We rejected the man who would have governed within the limitations of the Constitution, that we said we wanted. We rejected the man that could have united our nation after a decade of created division. We rejected a man that would never let ego, partisanship, ideology or enrichment goals to stop him from doing what was best for America and her people. We rejected the one man that would always put America first , that we said we wanted…….and who did we choose instead, my fellow citizens? We chose another egomaniac crowd pleasing, big government man with same reckless divisive rhetoric of our current President, maybe a little saltier, a woman under indictment for illegal donations and misusing government documents, a very old socialist who wants to make us all worker bees for the hive state and another one term Senator, lacking in wisdom and experience . Maybe we deserve what we get, America.


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