Why does America want an outsider for President?

Why does America want an outsider for President? …….Most of America is angry and afraid that our political leaders are destroying the Republic and our way of life with their incompetent, corrupt behavior that has left us and our children  a nation killing $19Trillion debt and an increasing unstable world. As our government grows larger, more of our people are dependent on government’s largesse. Our leaders have made us beggars. Increased costly regulations and taxes have chased our job creators elsewhere.  Most of America recognizes that our government bureaucracy has grown so large and powerful that we cannot control it. No one is held accountable for the failures of government. No one is fired for their incompetent, wasteful and corrupt behavior. The bureaucracies have allowed themselves to be used as political and ideological weapons to silence and control the conservative opposition and religious groups in America and to intimidate the media. The government bureaucracies have also joined the Executive Branch to bypass the people’s representatives to force the President’s will on our nation..Our Founders warned us of the danger that  a too strong centralized Government that would be to our people. That is why they wrote a Constitution that limited the duties of the Federal Government and the importance of state’s powers. representative  government and self governance. Our leaders have forgotten those limitations.  Americans know that we must take the power away from the Federal Government and return it to We The People. How do we do that? Are there leaders that we can elect who believe in the original intent of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights? Americans know that we must elect leaders who will respond to our will and who will never allow their partisanship, ideology or enrichment goals to stop them from doing what is best for our nation and our people.

Our foreign policy is such a failure. It is so true that our friends, our allies cannot trust us and our enemies do not fear or respect us. The interventionist policies in Libya, Egypt and Syria are mind boggling. The failure to destroy ISIS when they marched into Iraq is even more mind boggling. The President’s failure to help stabilize Iraq led to the rise of Daesh and growth of all the other Radical Islamist groups. The President’s failure to help stabilize Libya after we and NATO bombed the crap out of it and forced a regime change led to our Ambassador and his people’s murder and a  Radical Islamist takeover. We need a President who will destroy Daesh and form a coalition of Arab boots on the ground to stabilize Iraq and Syria. We need a President who recognizes Radical Islam as an imminent danger to our nation and the world.

Most Americans believe that only an outsider can reform our government and do what needs to be done to return our nation back to the Founders’ vision for us. One by one the outsider candidates have been rejected, from Carly Fiorina who could have reformed and reduced the abusive footprint of our bureaucracies to Ben Carson who could have united and healed our nation after a decade of created division by the Democrats and our President. Only Ted Cruz remains. He is the last of the outsiders who believes in limited government and the rule of law. He is the last of the outsiders who has the courage, the intelligence and the will to fix what needs to be fixed. He is the last of the outsiders who will govern within the limitations of our Constitution.

Trump is not an outsider. He has participated in the corrupt cronyism and pay to play graft that has infected Washington. He has supported the people who forced the ACA on our nation and who forced us to fund Planned Parenthood. He believes he should get a return on all US invested monies from  Iraq  to Afghanistan . He bemoans not taking their oil and their riches for our military assistance. Yesterday he even bemoaned that Iran was using the returned $150 Billion to buy planes from Europe and missiles from Russia but not from U. S. Trump would make a deal with the devil if it brought him profit.  He believes in a powerful centralized government that controls  all social and economic policies. Trump is an insider. Trump is all about the green. We cannot allow Trump to magnify our fears and anger and not give us solutions for our problems. We cannot allow Trump to distract us from what needs to be done. It is not good enough to say he will fix things and to trust him. We have trusted and been disappointed too many times. How can we trust someone that says he is self funding his campaign when really he is loaning money to his campaign to be paid back when he gets the nomination and the party money? How can we trust someone that expects to be repaid for every donation he has ever made to political candidates? How can you trust someone who does business with George Soros, a leftist agitator activist and global one world government nutcase?

America must choose wisely or we will lose the American Dream and the promise of a better life for our children. We must stop our abusive government. It is like a zombie sucking the life out of our nation thru it’s waste, fraud, crony corruption and individual greed and power hungry leaders.  The career political class have left us in a big mess.They have gained  power and riches and  forgotten  that they were elected to do what is best for our nation and our people. They are supposed to have our back, not line their pockets and increase their political power. They have made our once free nation into a statist government. We cannot trust them to take the initiative to clean up that mess. We need a President to set that reform agenda. We need an informed public to insist on that reform, a public to back their President. Ted Cruz is the only candidate who will lead those needed reforms. Ted Cruz is the only candidate who will govern within the limitations of the Constitution. I will be voting for Ted Cruz for President.



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