Dear GOP leadership.

Dear GOP leaders, We blame career politicians for the mess we are in and we want an outsider to clean up that mess. We The People want our leaders to govern within the limitations of our Constitution. Our bureaucracies cannot be controlled. They are like a lawless fourth part of government. They waste our tax money and no one is held accountable for their incompetence or their corrupt behavior. They have even allowed themselves to be used as political and ideological weapons against the President’s opposition. Regulations have become so expensive our businesses cannot make a profit. Our tax code is so complicated and compliance costs are so burdensome for all of us. We can no longer nibble and patch our bureaucracies, most need to be phased out. We have seen recently that even though Congress gave The Veterans Administration legislation to fire people, no one has been fired. Even when our Ambassador and his people were murdered in Libya, no one was fired, no one was or is held accountable. Our bureaucracies have started to kill us. Sec. John Kerry just said that there are bureaucratic hurdles that must be crossed so that we can announce that Daesh is committing Christian genocide. Our bureaucracies are killing others with their incompetent layers. Most services can be done more efficiently by the states and the states can provide better service. We need to cut government’s footprint and allow the states to serve their own people. Leftist government officials and leftist academia have threatened  and denied our first amendment rights and have silenced scientific debate thru intimidation, litigation, regulation. It is like the Catholic Church centuries ago, that punished scientific enquiry and other religions. People have lost their jobs because of their religious and scientific beliefs. We can’t have that. We need to return our nation to 50 laboratories of innovation and governance. We need to provide choices for our people if one state oppresses them, allowing them a place to go to live free. We need free trade and capitalist policies to return our economic greatness, allowing everyone the opportunity for their American Dream.. We need to find what is best, not be forced to accept what the “we know best crowd” decrees. Government can be better controlled by the people at the state and local levels.
Corporate welfare and cronyism have infected Washington. Reducing Federal government control of social and economic policies will reduce that behavior. Removing the way we collect our tax revenue from Washington will get rid of the graft, cronyism and corporate welfare in our tax code. as well as rid us of the increasing compliance costs .A flat consumption tax and a flat business tax would be a perfect replacement. Consumer prices would drop as the tax and regulatory burdens on our businesses and investors decrease. 
    We cannot continue to grow government. It is stopping economic growth and it oppressing our people. The debt will destroy our Republic if we do not start paying it off. Our nation cannot become more statist. I will be voting for Ted Cruz and the limitations as enumerated in the Constitution, small government, balanced budgets, business friendly tax and regulatory reforms, states rights. We would not be in the mess we are in if we had a government that honored the limitations of our Constitution. We have a lot to do. We must unite our nation after so many years of created division from Barack Obama and the Democrats. The Marxist change they want has nothing to do with our Founders’ vision for our nation. Focusing on creating jobs in blighted areas and inner cities would go along way towards uniting our nation  That means we need those business friendly tax and regulatory reforms to invite investment money back to America, first thing. I will be voting for Ted Cruz, the last outsider standing. Trump is big government and he would  just be another king in the White House. I hope you will support Ted Cruz too.
Know this, establishment, there will be a third party next time if Rubio, Kasich, Trump, H Clinton or Sanders are forced on us. Reform the Grand Old Party so that it’s platform says that we will return our nation back to Constitutional governance or we will leave next time.

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