The Chicago Protest and Dr. Carson’s support of Trump

Regarding the protest: Two things are happening here. First, the agitators of the left are trying to silence and disrupt. Marxist groups such as Move On.Org and Black Lives Matters organized the protesters in Chicago . Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers, along with George Soros were involved in the protest. Second the Trump voters, who truthfully have been incited by Trump’s bullying over the top rhetoric and truth to power, reckless, impulsive, imprudent speech, are fed up with the left’s intolerance and abusive policies. The left, the Democrats and Obama, all think they have a right to silence their opposition. They demand we the people be tolerant, continually tell us we are racists, but they have shown us over and over again that they are the most intolerant and entitled of all. The leadership of the left, follow the road map of Sal Alinsky, seeking to force Marxism on our nation thru the division, disruption, instability and chaos that they create. They are freedom stealers. Obama’s people think they know best and they think they have the right to control our social and economic lives thru more government oppression. The students and the paid protesters are the useful idiots of the left. One would hope our students and our people could think in a logical, fact based manner instead of emotional amoral lemmings, destroying their own freedoms by excepting the false promises of more socialist policies. Marx said that socialism was the first step to communism, his utopian vision. Communism always brings oppression and poverty to the people. Along the way between socialism and communism, the more statist a nation becomes, the less liberty there We should believe Marx and look at the destructive history of those who implemented his ideology. He has a lot to answer for. …………………………………………………………………………… I don’t agree w/ your choice, Dr. Carson, but I do understand you think you can be one of Trump’s counselors and appeal to his better angels. I wish you luck.. He does listen but he is so impulsive, reckless and imprudent. How will you stop that?

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