Gov Kasich needs to get out of the race.

There will be hell to pay if the Republican leadership forces Governor Kasich on our voters. Using convention shenanigans will result in a mass exodus from the Republican Party and a mass joining of a Constitution Party. America wants an outsider because we blame the career politicians for the mess we are in. We realize that our no growth economy is caused by overregulation, over taxation and excessive government growth. We realize that a projected 20 Trillion dollar debt threatens our Republic. We realize that only an outsider will change things and will have the will to fix what is wrong. We realize that our government needs to govern within the limitations of our Constitution to return our nation to greatness. We the People know that our representatives have ignored the Constitution and the rule of law for far too long. Only one candidate will do that. That is Ted Cruz. Kasich needs to get out and allow the voters to choose their President. . The “we know best crowd” will sign their demise if they continue to try to control this election. Kasich and the Republican establishment will insure that Trump or Clinton will be in the Oval Office. Our voters will have a choice between an vulgar, insulting egomaniac with impulsive, reckless and imprudent rhetoric and a ruthless, deceitful, incompetent,untrustworthy woman with very bad judgement. Both would use big government to control social and economic and policies. Both would continue to grow incompetent wasteful abusive government. Both would increase the statism, cronyism and corruption that has infected Washington. One is under litigation and one may be indicted. America has had enough drama. We need someone to fix the mess and get us back on track. We need to save this Republic. Cruz is the only candidate who will balance the budget, pass business friendly tax and regulatory reforms, secure the border, ID everyone here, destroy Daesh, win the propaganda war against Radical Islam’s supremacist political theology and govern this nation within the limitations listed in our Constitution, while protecting our First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights.

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