I choose Cruz over Trump any day

Kind of a weasel move from Trump, last night, though par for the course. He started his rally at the same time Cruz’s interview was on. I chose to listen to Cruz, mainly because I know all Trump will say is, he repeats himself constantly, ……I will make America great again,  I will build a wall, the polls say I am ahead by a lot, I will beat Hillary Clinton, I am a rich rich man, I will continue to be insulting me, I am great, I will make America great, she is a fat pig, she is overrated, look at that face, I will make a better deal, I love the educated people and the not educated people, I will place  a tariff on all free trade cheaters, I will force American companies to stay in America, I will beat lying Ted, My blank is bigger than yours, and so on. Trump entertained, demonized, threatened ridiculed and insulted his opposition, doing the same to those media that ask questions instead of feeding his ego,,,just like Obama, it is all about him….. Trump was his own vulgar, reckless, impulsive and imprudent self, again, I am sure. He distracts us all from the fact that he gives us no solutions, just empty promises. The media will give us the highlights if I missed anything substantive, I am sure. I have never seen a man who can get free air time everyday just because he makes scandalous divisive remarks. Trump is on 24/7. The media has sold us out for ratings. He is not a racist but he does use insults, ridicule, deception, intimidation, I am glad I watched the Cruz interview. He has the solutions needed to fix America, to make us an economic success again and lift people out of poverty thru business friendly tax and regulatory reforms. Cruz said he wants to secure our borders first and mandate an E Verify system and deport the illegal criminals after they have served their time if they have it. Cruz says he will consult the military leaders, found out what they need to defeat Daesh and once we defeat them, he says we get out and allow the Muslim nations to rebuild and probably form new boundary lines and nations. The Kurds have earned their own nation, along with the Shiite and Sunni. I am reassured that Cruz will govern within the listed limitations in our Constitution. I believe we are in the mess we are in because our leaders have not respected our Constitution and have not obeyed our laws. In fact our President has even gone around Congress and ruled us thru executive orders and bureaucratic regulations. Career politicians on both side have failed our nation and our people. We need someone to return this nation back to the Founder’s vision. I believe that man is Ted Cruz. He will need the American people to support him when he wins the Presidency to force Congress to make the needed changes. Our, Republic will not survive if we do not increase the revenue pay the debt and return most services to the states. Educating our people on what the Constitution really says is a must to keep our nation free. It is amazing how ignorant we are.

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