The similarities between Trump and the radical left protestors.

It is the leftist protesters who are stoking the fires of hate, grievance and discontent, along with Trump. Has anyone noticed the similarities between the left and Trump? They both agitate and incite. They both use Sal Alinsky techniques to force their will and silence their opposition. Disruption, chaos, deception, distraction, ridicule and intimidation are used by both Donald Trump and the leftist leadership of Move On, Black Lives matters, Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, communist groups and all the other leftist groups. Both Trump and Obama are narcissistic authoritarians. President Obama does not govern within the limitations listed in our Constitution, nor does he enforce laws . Trump would not do that either.
Ted Cruz will govern within those listed limitations in our Constitution and he has the solutions to fix this nation and return us to the Founders’ vision. We will be a great nation again if we return to that vision and the world will follow our example of governing by the people.

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