This is what I just got booted off of Facebook for? Why?

I am begging you, Governor Kasich, please get out of this race and support Ted Cruz. You are being a spoiler, sir. You are going to be responsible for making Donald Trump our nominee. You will be responsible for putting a man with insulting, vulgar,impulsive and imprudent rhetoric and actions in the Oval Office. He will get the 1237 if you keeping peeling off the votes from Cruz. If you and other Republican leaders think America will stand for a brokered convention. Think again. We the People will form our own party..We will call it the Constitution Party. From our $20 Trillion dollarn nation killing debt to the part time and entry level job economy, to the ACA to the out of control wasteful bureaucracies to the corruption and incompetence in Washington, “We the People” have had it with the mess that our political leaders have made. We can do a contested convention if neither Trump or Cruz do not have the 1237 number, but..if you stay in…Trump will get that number before the convention. America needs to return our nation back to the Founders’ vision, small government, states rights, and a balanced budget, not more interventionist wars and uncontrolled spending programs. All know that we need business friendly tax and reg reforms to encourage job and business creation. We need a President who will govern within the limitations listed in our Constitution. Cruz will do that, but he needs all of us to pressure our representatives to change the way we are doing business in Washington. I urge you to stop your run for President and support Ted Cruz and help him fix this nation. Americans know we are on the verge of losing our Republic. This is make or break time. Do what is best for our nation, drop out, Governor, support Ted Cruz.

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