The case against Donald J. Trump is “almost”the same case against Barack Obama

A lesson we should have learned by now is, Trump does not apologize. He is like Obama on that score. Anyone who says he has never asked forgiveness from God is just so full of himself to be a tyrant and a king at heart–just like Obama. Both men have an ego that is the size of Mt Everest. Both men love themselves more than they love anyone else. Both men are authoritarians and use the laws, taxes and regulation to bend people to their will, one for greed and one for ideology. One made promises he did not keep and both made promises without plans and solutions. Both men use Sal Alinsky tactics to destabilize thru the chaos and disruption they create and distract from the real issues, the real problems our nation faces. Those tactics are crowd pleasing, inciting the mob rhetoric, including deception, ridicule, insults, pitting one group against another and fear mongering. Obama schooled us in the divide and remake societal art of a community organizer, we should be able to see the same sort of man in Trump. The only difference between these two men is one is doing it to push his leftist narcissistic vision on our nation and another is doing it to push his mercenary, carpet bagger, god of greed and power narcissistic vision on our nation. Wake up America, both men will destroy the Republic. Vote for a man that will govern within the limitations listed in our Constitution and who will enforce our laws. Vote for a man who will protect and defend the inalienable rights listed in our Constitution. That man is Ted Cruz. Yes he is boring, but do we really need an entertainer and a crowd pleaser as President. Haven’t we learned our lesson over these past 8 years? Why not vote for a man who will just get the job done and who will return us to the Founders’ vision for our nation? Do you want candy that will give you a short lived emotional satisfaction or do you want our government reformed, reduced and state’s rights returned? Do you want a reckless, impulsive, vulgar, burn the house down, vindictive and petty man in charge of our nation or do you want a man of substance, a man who will lead us to reform this government , something the elite establishment on both sides of our political class is unwilling to do? I will be voting for Ted Cruz. I hope you will consider him too. I pray common sense returns to America.

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