Who will stop the Central Planners who are destroying our Republic…Cruz vs Trump

Dear fellow Republicans, we say we believe that we want all individuals to live and believe as they choose, as long as they do not trample on others rights or hurt others. We say we want simplified, fair and just tax and regulatory systems. We say we believe that this will encourage investment, create good paying fulltime jobs, increase revenue and will provide economic freedom for everyone to pursue their American Dream.  We say we believe we should have a balanced budget and we should pay off the nation destroying debt.  We say we want to greatly reduce the Federal Government’s footprint and return most of it’s services back to the states. We say we want a President who believes in and will defend the original interpretation of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  We say we need to do all of this or we will lose our Republic.  Ted Cruz has always supported and fought for all of these changes, Trump has not.  Ted Cruz has always fought for us, Trump has not.  Ted Cruz is the outsider, the principled man, the honorable man, the ethical man, the Constitutionalist we said we wanted, Trump is not.

Yes, we have all been distracted, entertained and shocked by the Donald’s divisive, rude, insulting, sometimes vulgar rhetoric.  Yes, we can thank him for bringing  more interest to our Presidential election process.  And, Oh what we the voters have found out! Yes, our primary systems need tweaked and brought into the modern age. The national GOP have made some needed adjustments so that all states have a say in the primary process.  Before, only the first few states had a say in who our candidate was.  Few were interested in the primary process before. Now all primary voters can make their voices heard.  The states need to update their process of choosing delegates and make their process reflect more the will of their  citizens, less the party elites, but now is not the time to have that battle. The citizens in each state will see to that needed change. For now, all candidates must educate themselves on the rules in each state and work with that to win the nomination.

The rules say the candidates must reach the 1237 delegate vote to clinch the nomination. We are a Republic. That means we have representative government. We are not a true democracy. Democracies are messy, usually unstable and many times they end up with a narcissistic, authoritarian, crowd pleasing leader who promises the moon and equality for the masses but unfortunately most true democracies  deliver chaos, destabilization, oppression and poverty to their people. This is what happened in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and many of the South American nations.  We the voters want our primary votes to mirror our delegates votes on the first vote at the convention. After that, all the delegates from former candidates need to vote for the candidate whose platform mirrors best, their former candidate’s platform. As the convention process goes on, vote after vote, each candidate must put forth their agenda, woo the delegates and delegates must choose the best candidate who represents their voters.

I see so many similarities between President Obama and Donald Trump. It scares me. They are both narcissistic authoritarians. They are both crowd pleasers and bullies. They both use the weapons of ridicule, distraction, litigation, intimidation, deception and disruption against their opposition and to force their will.  Both Trump and Obama incite the mob by feeding it deceptive facts, slyly calling for protest and violence when they do not get their way. Trump is inciting the mob using half truths and innuendo, when he says the primary rules are rigged and unfairly taking away our votes for him. He infers the rules were written against him when really those rules were in place before anyone thought he would be the leading candidate. Both Obama and Trump create crisis’ thru deception and half truths. Both say they understand why there would be violence but also saying they don’t want that, wink wink.  Both divide us and demonize their opposition. Both have tried to silence the press thru intimidation,threats of litigation and deceptive rhetoric. It is not a stretch to say a Trump Presidency would see the same silencing agenda, litigation, regulation, taxation, spying and intimidation of the press and opposition groups, just like Obama . Trump has participated in the corrupt cronyism and corporate welfare that has poisoned the fairness in our government. He brags about being the money man that pays for government favors and access. Trump supports the use of imminent domain for private sector profit.  Imminent Domain is for the common use, not elite and corporate cronyism. Trump may be more fiscally sane than Obama , but he has supported the Progressives that have forced the elitist Central Planning insanity that has led to the recession, the economic stagnation, the socially oppressive policies, foreign policy disasters, the anti Constitutional lawless agenda and 20 Trillion dollar debt we face today. Trump has supported the Central Planning policies that have led us to near disaster.  Trump has always used big government policies, why would we think he would reduce the power of big government bureaucracies? And finally, Trump is either not able to control or is unwilling to control his impulsive, imprudent, insulting and vulgar mouth. Why would any nation who had publicly been insulted by a President Trump work with us to stop Islamic terrorism and it’s barbaric supremacist political theology, to stop the human trafficking that has destroyed so many lives, to stop the illegal drug trade that also destroys so many lives, to stop the aggression of Iran and Russia and to enact those policies needed to stabilize the world and promote individual liberty?

I am asking you fellow Republican voters, don’t be deceived by a johnny come late huckster, vote for the candidate that has always supported and defended the changes you want. Vote for Ted Cruz. He will lead Congress, our people and he will lead  our nation back to the Founders’ vision, small government, states rights, no interventionist foreign policies, fiscal sanity, individual sovereignty, self governance,individual liberty and Constitutionally limited governance.  It is time that America leads by example, not thru coercion and blackmail. It is time America shared its values and its vision for all of mankind. It is time that America walked the walk. We are a good people. We are that shining city on the hill, that hope for mankind.  Choose wisely America. Your nation is depending on you.


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