Put me in the NO TRUMP Camp

Trump has 37% of the vote, but there are 63% of Republicans that are in the NO TRUMP camp. We are afraid that his imprudent, divisive, vulgar, insulting and dangerous rhetoric may mean that he will be imprudent and dangerous in his actions. The 63% of Republican/Libertarian Americans today are afraid to allow Trump the power of the Presidency. We have seen what Presidents can do when they forget to govern within the limitations listed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have seen what Presidents can do when they will not enforce our laws and instead use the bureaucracies to make law. We have seen what unconstitutional actions a President can do with his executive authority. We have seen how a President and his people can divide a nation and pit one group against another thru a divisive rhetoric that uses ridicule, deception, half truths, distraction, disruption, deflection and created crisis. We, the 63%, have seen what a narcissistic authoritarian Presidency can do. We have seen what the WE KNOW BEST central planners have done in the past. Recently, we have experienced a recession and are still in a stagnant, part time, entry level job economy ,with 93 million workers who are not working, all caused by a Washington progressives who over taxed us, over regulated us and meddled in housing finance policies, mandating reckless banking practices for ideological gain, and by failed government oversight. We have seen people who pay for government access and favors like Trump brags about. We have seen people, like Trump who use our bankruptcy laws over and over again to increase their wealth, shafting the working man and increasing everyone’s bank fees to cover their debt. We have seen the connected use our Imminent Domain Laws for private sector profit, just like Trump has done. We The People are disgusted with the waste, fraud, corrupt cronyism and corporate welfare that we, the taxpayer, see and have to pay for. We want it stopped. We are tired of being the paying suckers for the elites lifestyle. We feel the government connected people are sucking the life’s blood out of the regular taxpayer. We unconnected citizens realize that eventually the Progressive Central planners, the government connected and the zombie bureaucracies will soon kill us all with their greed and oppression. All of these reasons and more are why we, the 63% are in the NO TRUMP camp, Mr. Trump.


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