I vote for Ted And Carly. Good choice Ted.


What a great Team, Ted and Carly will be. Ted to set the agenda, lead us back to governing within the limitations listed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Carly to reform the out of control, bloated, crony corrupt, wasteful bureaucracies. She saved HP thru reorganization and efficient, fiscal planning policies and she can save our bureaucracies. Ted and Carly will lead us back to balanced budgets, a paid off nation destroying debt, less foreign interventionism and competent, common sense leadership. They are the principled leaders that America needs now to survive. Ted and Carly are the real outsiders, the only candidates who will fix this mess.  This is what we said we wanted, America. Stop being distracted by the Trump circus. Trump is NOT the reformer. He is just another insider who uses the crony corrupt bureaucracies and makes deals with the devil to force his will—ie. George Soros and other progressive anti American leaders. Trump has used imminent domain for his own profit, stealing other people’s property and he has bragged about bribing our leaders and receiving political favors. He has also used our bankruptcy laws several times, to grow his empire by not paying his banks and contractors. The banks just raised their rates on regular people to cover their losses from Trump. The regular citizen, the contractors and their employees are the ones that did not get paid, so that Trump could keep his empire. How many people lost their homes and property so that Donald Trump could keep and grow his empire?


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