Listen to your better angels and use wisdom,when you vote in your primary America.

Ted Cruz is right. We are submitting to the bad little angel on our left shoulder when we vote for Trump…… That little tarnished angel, the one that feels such satisfaction in giving the finger and a poke into the eye to our leaders that oppress us and steal our individual freedoms thru taxes,regulations and social modification policies. We are angry, we are fearful and rightly so. We feel the American dream slipping away. We know our leaders have ignored our Constituion, our Bill of Rights and Rule of law for far too long. We fear it may be too late to turn this ship around to governing within those limitations listed in our Constitution. We fear our $20Trillion dollar debt will destroy us. We feel trapped and beseiged with the intolerance of political correctness and it’s behavior modification tyranny. We fear our economy cannot support our immigrant population and our citizens. We fear and know that some of our immigrants are violent criminals and terrorists. We fear that crony corrupt, lawless, wasteful, fraudulent, abusive, oppressive government bureaucracies have stopped our economy from growing and creating good paying full time jobs. Jobs that will allow us to be independent and pursue our American Dreams. Trump voices all our concerns. and he says what we think, but he is long on inuslting imprudent rheotric and short on solutions.  We know Trump has colluded and supported these same leaders that oppress us and that have made such a mess in Washington. He is friends with our oppressors.  These are the same leaders who blame the banks for the recession, but do not apologize for the reckless incompetent housing finance mandates that they forced on the banks. They say nothing about the government oversight that did not stop the bundling of those governemt mandated bad loans or their sale to we the people? Centralize Govenment planners caused the recession and government planners are causing the continued non recovery. The elites, like Trump, have prospered while We the People have lost ground under our Central Planners tyranny. Trump used bankruptcy several times to save his empire, but the contractors, the small business and the regular guy did not get paid and the regular guys fees went up to cover the Trump losses. Trump used imminent domain laws for his profit, but the regular guy lost his property, his home at fire sale prices. We know Trump is another narcissistic authoritarian. How can we trust Trump, now? For me, I will be voting for Cruz and Carly. They have a proven history that tells us they are both honorable, principled competent people. We know what they believe in. We know they will govern with in those limitations listed in the Constitution. We know they will  defend the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We know they will enforce our laws. We know they will secure our borders and reform our immigration system so that it is just, efficient, will answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities.  We know they will reform our other bureaucracies and make them work in an efficient and fiscally sound manner, while giving the best service possible. We know they will return many of the Federal Services to the States control. We know we can trust Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina to always do what is best for us and our families. We know they will defend our nation from foreign and domestic enemies. We know Cruz and Carly will always have our back and we can trust them. These are all very important things to know before we vote.


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