My Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,
How are you going to unite this country after Obama and the Democrats have had a decade or more to divide us? Better yet how are you going to unite the GOP? You have insulted and demeaned just about everyone. Less than half of us trust you to make good on your promise to make America Great Again. They are the ones that vote with their hearts and their emotion. Some know you, some are just opportunists, amoral politicians and hypocrites.  You have those voters, but you do not have the voters who look at policy, solutions and constitutional governance in their candidate. I am the voter in this later category. I want to know if you will govern with in the limitations listed in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I want to know if you will enforce our laws. I want to know if you will govern by executive orders and bureaucratic regulations. I want to know if you will tax us and make us buy inferior costly products we do not want. This is how Obama has governed. I think every problem this nation faces now is because our leaders, our Central Planners, have caused it, with their incompetent and crony corrupt policies. From our foreign interventionist policies that have created such chaos and instability around the world, to our economic  failures, to social unrest, both here and abroad, our government, our leaders have failed. No one is ever held to account in our bureaucracies for their corruption, cronyism, incompetence, waste or fraud. I want to know that you will fix all of this. I know you love your country. Something, I do not know about with Obama. I think he hates us and has done everything he could to destroy our free nation and replace our Founders’ vision with his Marxist vision. I think Democrats, the left, the anarchists, our students, the Black activists and all the other radical groups have been his useful idiots to force his leftist vision on us all. My guess is he will end up at the UN who have embraced a leftist vision  of Central Planning similar to his, for the globe.
As I said, I and the other half of the GOP want to know if you will deliver. We have seen that in the past, you have made deals with the devil, IE: Soros and we have seen that you have paid for government favor and used government power to build your empire. The only way I will be able to know that you will deliver on your promises is to see the people you surround yourself with. What gives me hope, is your family. They do not have the bully, intimidating, threatening, imprudent, reckless, sometimes dangerous, insulting and vulgar mouth that you have. Who are the ” multitudes of counselors”  who you will surround yourself with in the Oval Office?  Have you thought about making one of the Republican women Governors your VP? Gov. Haley, Gov Fallin, Governor Martinez? Have you thought about using some of your 17 presidential competitors in your Administration? There is a reason 60% of us voted for one of them instead of you, whether we voted for one of the outsiders or one of the establishment. Have you thought about Ted Cruz as your AG? He would make a great Supreme Court Justice, later on. Cruz has always protected and defended our Constitution and the rule of law. Have you thought about making Carly Fiorina in charge of restructuring the bureaucracies, making them fiscally sane and efficient, while giving good service, returning many of their services to the states? Have you thought about Ben Carson to head and reform the Veterans Medical Department, giving our Veterans a medical card, allowing them to choose their own care, whether in the private sector or with the Veterans Assn? Have you thought about adopting Ben Carson’s Healthcare reforms, allowing free and open competition and choice without government mandates? Have you thought about using the retired Republican Governors who were your competitors, in the State Department? We need some common sense, patriotic people to clean that place up. The State Department is acting now, more like the leftist UN and they are not putting America First around the world. I thing Mike Huckabee would be a great Secretary of State. He reminds me of Ben Franklin, quite affable, very patriotic and competent. It will be hard for anyone not to like him. He would be a fine representative of American Values and beliefs.  I am not sure what you are going to do with Chris Christie. You know his capabilities. you know if he has the right fiscal capabilities.  Personally, I am not a big fan, his state has too many financial problems and too much political corruption, whether it is because it is run by liberals and he has trouble controlling their accesses, I do not know, Rubio would be good as head of Immigration. I am not a big fan on deporting the people we have here now. The images would be horrific, separating families. It would also damage our economy. Let’s face it our people will not want to pluck chickens and work on farms. There are many immigrant owned businesses also. Shutting them down would damage community economies and reduce tax revenue. However, I want the borders secured, everyone ID’d and I want the criminals and terrorists, imprisoned and/or deported. We will need the immigrant worker when our economy is going like gang busters. I would however slow down the H1 Visa program skilled workers. We can train our own people. If work is attached to welfare benefits, our people will work for somewhat lower wages.  I believe Herman Cain was the first candidate to suggest enterprise zones  to attract business in our failed inner cities. Ben Carson has talked about it too.  Including school choice and returning educational monies to the states without federal mandates would also help the inner cities. Also, not incarcerating non violent criminals and instead rehabilitating them by offering moral instruction, education, job skill training and  making them pay their victims back—would go along way to improving the inner city. Encouraging Fathers to marry the Mothers of their children and/or support their children would improve society as a whole.  And, finally, I hope you will appoint the fighting generals, the soldiers soldier, to key positions in our military and Defense Department. I am tired of pussy footing around. We need people that know how to defeat Daesh in record time. We also need to lift up and give a national and international platform to the Islamic Reformers, who reject the political theology of Islam and Sharia laws.  I urge you to put Zuhdi Jasser in charge of that. We will continue to play Whac A Mole for another century until we destroy the barbaric supremacist political theology of Radical Islam. Obama has embraced the mother of all Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood as the voice of Islam. Why I leave that to you. I think he has Daddy issues and has romanticized fundamentalist Islam. Why Obama would try to placate a Father who abandoned him and was a drunk, I do not know. Muslim kings and dictators have controlled their people thru authoritarian Sharia laws and stole the riches of their nations for far too long.  There must be an enlightenment for Islam, or the Western World will never be safe from their extremist cults.
I believe all our problems can be solved, but first we have to get this economy going. I like the flat consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. It takes the crony corrupt and incompetent power of our government out of our revenue collection. The IRS has been used by Obama and others to punish their opposition. We can’t have that kind of tyranny. The infrastructure for tax collection  is already in the states. Everyone pays, all citizens, all immigrants, all visitors, all foreign workers and students, even all foreign consumers. The same small flat tax could be applied to the profits of businesses and corporations if that is not enough revenue to balance the budget, pay the bills and the debt. Consumer costs will decrease because there will be less financial burdens on business.  Food stamps and welfare stay in place to supplement the poor. Reforming and simplify they regulations, decreasing their costs, along with this tax reform will encourage investors to create the jobs needed for a economic recovery like no other.  We will need revenue to repair the damage of the progressive Central planners, both Republican and Democrat.
That $20Trillion debt, the stagnant economy, the social unrest, both here and abroad and the unfunded liabilities that Obama will leave us with, is so dangerous. I wish you luck and wisdom, Mr. Trump. I will wait to see what you do, who you appoint as counselors and what your policies are going forward, to see if I can vote for you. I would never vote for Hillary or Bernie. They would be a disaster. Yours, truly, Jane A. Fulmer


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