I am with Paul Ryan, “Show Me” you are sincere

I hope the third party movement does not happen. After my Perot vote, I learned my lesson. You can’t split the vote, especially when half the party will vote for Trump, unless he does something real egregious. As long as he does what he says, we can live with Trump’s imprudent, impulsive , bullying, vulgar, insulting mouth. We know he loves his country and its people. We know he is not a racist, a sexist or an islamophobe.

The media like our Washington leaders live in a bubble of their peers. They do not hear the people and they do not answer our concerns, they only hear each other. That is why we chose what we hope is an outsider. Hopefully, Trump will start surrounding himself with people who have a consistent record of  supporting and working towards common sense solutions, a small fiscally sane, efficient  Federal Government footprint, States Rights the return of most services to them, balance budgets, reformed bureaucracies, and governance with in the limitations listed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those people that Trump appoints as counselors will allay or support our fears that he may not make good on his promises. It is hard to say if he has really evolved from his past inconsistent positions. I am in the Speaker Paul Ryan “show me” camp and I too, “want to support Trump”.  I will not vote for Hillary or Bernie, ever. They would destroy the Republic with their leftist Central Planner agenda.


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