Trump will need a “Multitude of Counselors”to achieve his goals.

I, like many voters have gone from support for one candidate to another to another in this primary season.  I felt we needed an outsider to clean up Washington and  someone who would govern with in the limitations listed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I feel we are in this mess because our leaders have ignored those limitations and the rule of law. So having gone from Carson to Fiorina to Cruz, I now find myself trying to vote for Trump. The good news is Trump recognizes that there are 3 equal parts to our government and he has said he will negotiate with Congress in finding the solutions needed to fix this nation. I have had to ignore his distracting,imprudent, insulting speech to really listen to what he is saying. It has been a challenge, but I found that Trump does love his country and he does love our people. He does want to fix this nation, so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their lives and achieve their American Dream.  He recognizes the bureaucracies are out of control and the states should be providing most of the services that the Government is doing now in such a corrupt, coercive, inefficient, costly, tyrannical manner. He recognizes that states can be more efficient and fiscally sane in providing those services and he recognizes state will give better service to our people. Trump is naïve in that he sees everything in the lense of an amoral, sometimes brutal business transaction. However, he will bring efficiency and fiscal sanity to bureaucracies which are sorely needed. Trump will make the goals, those same goals we all share, balanced budgets, tax and regulatory reforms, secure borders, destroy ISIS, less foreign interventionist policies,reformed and reorganized bureaucracies– and it will be up to his advisors, his counselors to craft the plans to achieve those goals.  Help him, American leaders. Be one of those counselors. Running a third party candidate would elect Hillary Clinton. We just cannot have that greedy, crony corrupt woman with such bad judgement and leftist ideology, as our President. I urge you to work towards encouraging competent people to advise Trump, those who love our nation and who will always do what is best for her. There is one silver lining to Donald Trump’s narcissistic nature.  His ego demands he succeeds in his goals to make America Great Again. His goals are everyone’s goals. He does not like to lose and will do everything to see that he does not. When Trump is happy with the results, he is not abusive in his rhetoric. 🙂 Keep him happy and make sure his goals are met and make sure our American values are kept.  Achieve those results using common sense conservatism and Constitutional guidance. Reduce and simplify our government. Its size and its complexity make it uncontrollable. The bureaucracy is becoming a monster of abuse. Use Trump’s nature to return our nation to the Founders’ vision. His ego demands he succeeds.

For some time now, I have prayed that God will choose our next President and that He will guide him to do His will. What we all should remember is that God has used many a flawed man to achieve His goals. Maybe the Trumpster is that flawed man.  Washington did not create Trump. Washington’s crony corruption, abuse, incompetence, waste and fraud created the fed up Trump voter. We the people have sent you a Patriotic blunt vulgar, result oriented narcissistic authoritarian . Now use him to clean up Washington. Civility has not worked; indeed it will not work against the radical anti American change of the left, They have been planning this soft Marxist revolution for a long time. A bankrupt government and social unrest that our Progressive Central Planners have created, will ensure Marxism wins.


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