NO, Mrs. Clinton, it is NOT time to move on..

NO Mrs Clinton, It is NOT time to move on. Your actions and non actions regarding the Benghazi attacks illuminate your very bad judgement and CYA at any cost mentality. It also shows all Americans and all people around the world President Obama’s very bad judgement and CYA at any cost mentality, too. Why was the military security kicked out of Libya? Why was security decreased in a failed state, full of Islamist terrorists? Why were over 100 requests for security denied and if, as you say you never saw them, why have you not fired the person that hid it from you? Why was there no help sent? There were troops in at least two different areas ready to deploy. There was also a Naval ship.  You and Obama’s say there was no assets available. No one believes that.  If so, why not? It was 911 and you said you were ready to respond to any attack. Why has no one been fired for this cluster !!!? No, Mrs. Clinton it is not time to move on. You have blood on your hands for what you did and did not do. You and Obama were willing to sacrifice all embassy and CIA personnel. They had to save themselves, while you two did nothing. Our people had to rent a private sector plane to go to Benghazi to fight and to get our people out. They had to enlist Kadaffi’s underground military to accompany them to the airport.  Thirteen hours and You and Obama did nothing. Shame on you both. If you and the Administration had nothing to hide regarding Benghazi, you would not have erased those emails and you would not have obstructed the investigation by refusing to allow survivor interviews and refusing to hand over documents. NO Mrs. Clinton and President Obama, It is not time to move on. Your behavior was abhorent. Your lies and obstruction are disgusting. Why did the US encourage revolution and regime change is so many nations? Why did we bomb Libya, depose Khadafy and leave it so destabilized that it has become an Islamist haven? Why did we arm Islamists to achieve those goals? Why did we intervene instead of working thru diplomatic and economic channels to reign in the dictators’ abuses instead? We have caused so much war, destruction and destabilization. Why did we intervene in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine? Why did we support the Muslim
Brotherhood, a Radical Islamist organization and Morsi? Why did we desert Iraq knowing that it would destabilize? Why have we tied the hands of our military so that they cannot destroy Daesh or Afghanistan’s Taliban and Al Qaida? No, Mrs, Clinton, it is not time to move on.


Benghazi Report is an indictment against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Political Correctness, rules of engagement and bad judgement from the Obama Administration is killing our people. It is the only explanation for our government failing to stop people on the terror watch list from murdering our people in Boston, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando. Blind Partisanship, the evil of the academics moral equivalency and leftist ideology have allowed the Democrats to think that those deaths and the American and foreign deaths overseas are permissible sacrifices for the greater good.  Rather than truthfully inform the American public, the liberal media with their biased reporting and their censored information have enabled the Obama Administration to continue with its flawed vision for America.  Many in the media have become state propagandists in Obamaland, more cheerleaders than protectors of liberty.  Exibit one: The Benghazi 911 attacks. Instead of asking, why the State Department sent an American Ambassador into a war zone full of Islamists without security, the media complains about the costs and time wasted on finding out the facts. Instead of asking why the Obama Administration obstructed at every corner, refusing to allow interviews with those that survived the Benghazi attacks and refusing to hand over documents, the media wonders if the Benghazi investigators are just on a witch hunt during election season. The media completely ignores the fact that the Benghazi attacks were 56 days before Obama’s re election and maybe that was why he sought to stop the full truth of what happened because of that fact. Instead of asking why no help was sent or even attempted in the 13 hours of Islamist attacks against our people, the media stupidly repeats the Administrations claim that no assets were in the region, despite the fact that a second drone was sent from somewhere and troops were ready to deploy in at least two places in Europe, not to mention an aircraft carrier was in the Mediterranean Sea.  They could have armed that second drone. Why didn’t they? Instead of asking why the military was kicked out from supplying security for our Libyan embassy, why security was decreased in a failed state full of Islamists and why over 100 requests for more security was denied, the media reports that there was no stand down order. They ignored the fact that the Obama Administration sent no help and the survivors had to make their own way out, depending, in the end, on the underground Kadaffi militia to escort them out.  Instead of asking why three hours after the start of the attack, a meeting was held to discuss how to politically spin the Benghazi attacks instead of how to save our people, the media attacks the messengers and ignores the lies, the deceptions, the political spin and the incompetence. What is wrong with our media? How can they not see, there is something wrong with the Obama Administration’s thinking?

Yeah for Brexit..Yeah for the Nation state.

Just as Britain just said NO to being  governed by a small group of unelected authoritarian elite bureaucrats in the Euro, We The People are saying NO to being governed thru executive action an bureaucratic regulation.. We have a President who has ignored the Congress and it’s law making job and he has made his own law. We have a President who has used the bureaucracies to force his will on our people by over reaching regulations. We have a President who has used executive actions to change and make law and even though the Supreme Court has said that he is acting unconstitutionally and even though our courts have told him he cannot impose his will on our nation, he ignores them, inviting impeachment, knowing it would destabilize and create social unrest. Just as the Euro is driven by the international financial institutions and international corporations, our government has done the same. International banks and international corporations, along with the rich elites, are becoming richer and more powerful in America, while the regular man is losing ground. Middle Class America has decreased in number, while those in poverty have increased, with 46 million of us using Food Stamps and millions more using government welfare programs. 94 million American workers are not working and millions more are working part time, entry level jobs. The working man has lost ground in America and Great Britain. Britain has said enough of the tyranny of elite governance and America is saying NO unelected bureaucrat  tyranny, too.
As for immigration. Why aren’t we asking, why Muslims are not integrating? Why aren’t they excepting our Constitutional freedoms and values? Why aren’t we helping them assimilate, instead of encouraging their separateness? Americans want our immigrants to embrace our Constitution and obey our laws.  Sharia laws and our Constitution cannot coexist and, the misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, supremacist beliefs in Islam cannot coexist with American values..

Trump dreams big and he will Make America Great Again, so that all Americans can Dream Big too.

Only Trump would have/ could have made this speech, today. He laid out the case against a President Hillary Clinton and the case for a President Donald Trump. Hillary asks, Are you with Me? I say NO. Trump says “I am with you America. I believe him. Trump is not a partisan, nor is he an ideologue. He is a pragmatist, a deal maker that will make sure America and her people come first in his future deals. He makes the goals and surrounds himself with expert advisors to find the solution to succeed in those goals. I like that. I trust his judgement in choosing the right solutions.   His goals are my goals and your goals, America. The people he surrounds himself with tell you what his solutions are. Trump dreams big and he will make America Great Again, so that all Americans can Dream Big , too……Democrats have used the civility of Republicans and media to silence their opposition. Only Trump can be as blunt and truthful as is needed to defeat the globalist agenda which Hillary promotes. It is time that America has its own Brexit. Americans cannot dream big anymore because we have bureaucracies that do not do what is best for America and her people. Regulations and taxes are written to promote international economic agendas,  not to promote American economic excellence.  They are written by International Financial Institutions and global elites. Just like the once Democratic European nations has been subverted by the Brussels Euro agenda, America is being ruled by an unelected authoritarian bureaucracy that the progressives have enslaved us with.

Obama tries to censor the Orlando Islamist terror attack.

Obama is just plain weird. Why wouldn’t he want us to know who the mass murderer was, what he said and why he did what he did? That is what Obama tried to censor from the public record. Why? Why would Obama not want to acknowledge, this was an Radical Islamist who believed in the barbaric bigoted homophobic mysogynisitic supremacist doctrine that defines Radical Islam?
The American people know the difference between Radical Islam and Reformed non politcal Islam, does Obama? Obama’s failure to destroy Daesh and his failure to present a counter narrative to its Supremacist doctrine is the number one recruiting tool for Radical Islam. If you can’t/won’t name the enemy, I you can’t/won’t define the enemy, You can’t/ won’t defeat it.


Why I have boarded the Trump Train.

When Democrats and others accuse Trump of being a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe and a sexist, they accuse me, the Trump voter of those same things. I am your neighbor. I am your coworker, I am your friend. Trump voters are half of the American population.  Do you really think all of us would support a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe or a sexist? .  We are voting on the issues. We are sending an insulting battering ram  to the White House, someone who has the right goals and who will surround himself with experts to assist him in achieving those goals. The civility , values and manners of Mitt Romney and other Republicans have been used to defeat their conservative agenda. All  Americans, no matter your race, sex, ethnicity, religion or creed are sick to death of the corruption, the greed, the incompetence, the waste and the fraud of Washington. We realize we will lose our Republic if we do not reform, reorganization and reduce government’s footprint.  Clearly, Progressive policies have failed us. We will have doubled our debt under Obama, to a nation destroying amount of $20 Trillion. It was reckless progressive housing finance mandates and failed government oversight infected with progressive regulations, that caused the recession and ….it is progressive over regulation and taxation that is stagnating our economy and keeping us from full recovery. 43 million of our people are using Food Stamps. 93 Million American workers are not working. Our new jobs are part time entry level jobs .  Our leaders are forcing a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, implying that is the wage to support a family on. Who wants to support our families with a burger flipper job? Who can support a family on a part time $15 job? Our entry level jobs, our part time jobs used to be for our teenagers. Now our government thinks they are for the heads of our families.  Hispanic Americans realize that terrorists and drug criminals with their poisonous product and crime are coming across our border with law abiding immigrants, too. They want our border secured and immigration reforms that answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities, too.  Bottom line, Hispanic Americans support conservative policies. Even Hispanic refugees realize that the Marxist policies of their home country have created the oppression and poverty that they are fleeing. Electing more liberal judges who do not support the government limitations listed in our Constitution would allow for more progressive statist Marxist policies to be forced on our nation. They are starting to realize, along with African Americans that the progressive Marxists Democrat Party have exploited them to force thru the same poisonous agenda south of the border. Hispanics and African Americans, along with white America think Obama’s bathroom laws and Islamic PC insanity that is killing us, are crazy and lack common sense. I think the Dems have a rude awaking coming. After all it is all about the economy.

Our government leaders would rather distract from the real reasons for mass murder in America than solve the problem.

Sadly, Democrats have conspired to lie to the American people about assault guns. The AR15 shoots just like a hunting rifle. The AR15 just looks like a military gun. As for your “9 out of 10 people want some restrictions on guns” mantra—-we have that. For the Democrats to exploit this tragedy for political and ideological gain, is despicable.  Enhance the NICS program and make it easier to put people on that list. There are three types of people who commit mass murder. They are the violent mentally ill, the criminals affiliated with the drug trade, and the terrorists. Make it easier to put those three groups of people on the NICS list and make NICS work 100% of the time. It is a lie that you can buy guns off the internet without a NICS approval. All guns bought off the internet must be sent to a gun dealer for the buyer to pick up. The gun dealer identifies the buyer and he runs a NIC approval. As for the gun shows,  Most guns sold there are sold by gun dealers. They run a NICS on everyone of their buyers. It would be easy for the gun dealers to run NICS for the few private sellers there, just like they do for internet sales. . Mandate that if you want, but it will not keep killers from buying or stealing a gun. Democrats know that.  The third group that commit mass murder are political and ideological terrorists. Our government stops terrorists who are not Islamic terrorists, but the PC culture and the rules of engagement regarding Muslims are keeping our government from stopping radical Islamist terrorists. How stupid is that? How stupid is it to put Muslim Brotherhood members in key positions at Homeland Security? How stupid is it for our President to seek the council of the Muslim Brotherhood, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood is the mother of all Sunni  terrorist groups? The only thing extra gun laws will do is they will disarm  and restrict the law abiding citizen. Taking away the AR15 semi auto gun will end up with the confiscation of all semi auto rifles–they are the same gun. They are just dressed differently. Democrats know this.  It is disgusting that the people like our Washington leaders and other global elitists who have 24/7 security  want to keep the regular man from protecting himself. Why is it so important to disarm Americans? Our second amendment rights are the only reason we have not been invaded by our enemies. Look around the world, the authoritarian governments always disarm their people before they gain full control of their economies, their people and their culture. Our government will not protect us. The open borders, PC insanity, dangerous Rules of Engagement and the failure to destroy Daesh, prove that. Our Government has failed time and time again to prevent terrorist attacks on us.  Americans know  that law enforcement has our back, but we also know that  they show up after a crime has been committed –until then, we are on our own. That means we fix this mess and stop with the gun control distraction. Guns aren’t the problem.  It is the terrorist, the violent mentally ill and the drug trade criminal that are responsible for the mass murders.  Our leaders have not  improved our mental health laws, secured our borders, stopped the drug trade, improved NICS, pass the Cornyn Amendment that gives a path for innocent people to remove their names from NICS,……. nor have they stopped the Islamic PC insanity that is killing us. The FBI is not sharing information with local law enforcement and state law enforcement. They could help with surveillance and yet they keep them in the dark about potential terrorists.  Our government has not helped our Muslim Immigrants to assimilate and embrace the Constitution. Muslim First generation children are not assimilating. That needs to be fixed. There can be no coexistence with Sharia laws and our Constitution. They must accept that.  The Connecticut shooter, the Boston Terrorists, The Fort Hood terrorist, the San Bernardino terrorists, the South Carolina shooter and the Orlando terrorists….all should have been on the NICS list. There was more than ample reason to have put them there. In fact, the South Carolina shooter was on that list. NICS needs to fix whatever malfunction allowed him to buy a gun.  Our government leaders lack of common sense is the problem.

Why did Obama and Hillary Clinton encourage regime change all around the world?

Why is it so important to Obama to depose Assad? Why would he make war on a secular dictator and arm our enemy, Radical Islam? Why would he sacrifice so many people to the obscenities and tyranny of Radical Islamists?  Assad was becoming Westernized, so was Khadaffi and so was Mubarak. Why would he depose them, when they all were slowly modernizing their nations?  Make no mistake, our government has encouraged regime change all around the world, including in the Ukraine. Why? Why would he support the Muslim Brotherhood?

How soon do we start regulating and limiting the purchase of Pressure Cookers?

Radical Islam wrote the book “A 1001 Ways to Murder the Infidel”. How soon do we stop, regulate or limit the purchases of pressure cookers, pipes, gas, tall buildings, stones, sabers, knives, water, household chemicals, rope, etc.? The gun is NOT our enemy. It is our defense and our hunting tool. It is our recreational fun.  Radical Islam and its misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted, violent, supremacist doctrine is our enemy. It is the existential enemy of the world. There can  be no coexistence with such obscenity for the modern world. So why don’t we give Islamic Reformers, who reject political Islam, Sharia and the barbarism of 600AD;  Why don’t we give the reformers a national and political platform. We hear Radical Islam’s propaganda, but where is the counter narrative to it? Obama’s advisor, The Muslim Brotherhood are an ineffective voice for Islamic Reform. It should be noted, they are, after all, the mother of all the Sunni Radical Islamist groups. Why not help Muslim Immigrants to assimilate, embrace our Constitution and obey our laws, instead of encouraging their separateness and  non assimilation? Clearly first generation Muslims are having a terrible time assimilating. Too many are being radicalized and too many of their parents will not embrace our Constitutional freedoms.  There may be other terrorists/militias in our land, but Radical Islam is the one doing the killing right now.  We are stopping other terrorists, but the PC police are preventing us from stopping the Islamist terrorists. The FBI says they are overburdened. Why not share information with local and state law enforcement? I thought that was what the Patriot Act said. There are two other groups , besides terrorists, who cause mass murder. The illegal drug trade and criminal activity kill and wound thousands every year.  Why not stop the drugs from coming in?  Why not educate and rehabilitate the youth in our inner cities, providing them job training, creating jobs and a better future? The violent mentally ill is the third group. We need to make it easier to force treatment on the violent mentally ill and we need to grow our mental health care system, offering quality care to all.  We need to make it easier to list potential terrorists, criminals and the violently mentally ill in NICS. Why not enhance that program? Why not fix the reasons for mass murders instead of passing more feckless gun laws? There were too many signs that the Orlando shooter was a terrorist. Those signs were ignored because he was a Muslim and there is a hesitancy in our government and even in the private sector to report concerns. Clearly, Political Correct policies and reckless Rules of Engagement mandates are killing us, along with incompetence. The South Carolina shooter was on the NICS list, but NICS failed to report him. The Ct murderer was mentally ill. His family and his schools failed to report him and get him help. His mother even bought him guns, she was in such denial. The Father and the Brother knew but they did nothing. They abandoned the Mother who cared for him. The Mental Health system failed because the shooter was an adult and could choose whether he got help.  The Fort Hood Shooter, the Boston Bombers, the San Bernardino shooters, the Orlando Shooter were all known Islamists with ties to Radical Islamists. Their families and their friends knew and said nothing. The PC shackled government bureaucracies knew and did nothing to stop him.  Heavens, why didn’t the FBI or even his DHS employer give a heads up to local and state law enforcement?  I vote with Fix the problems and stop exploiting these tragedies for political and ideological gain. We know what the causes are for mass murders and the gun is not one of those causes.

Americans are arming themselves and their families because our government has failed to protect us and it refuses to fix the problems that cause mass murders.  Americans know that law enforcement and first responders show up after a crime is committed.

Why is it so important for Obama to depose Assad from Syria

Assad has never been America’s enemy. Why did Obama and Hillary encourage a revolution there and then arm Radical Islamists with Libyan arms, to fight him? Why do they want to depose Assad and what will replace him? Will the Islamists and Sharia take charge?  Khadaffi was not our enemy. He no longer supported terrorism. In fact he fed us intel. Why did Obama and Hillary Clinton depose him and why did they not help to stabilize the new government afterwards? For that matter, what was NATO thinking? Why did Hillary Clinton, with the consent of Obama, decrease security for the Libyan Embassy personnel and then refuse the many requests for more security? Why did Hillary Clinton send Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi on 911 without proper security? Why did Obama and Clinton refuse to send help when our Embassy personnel and CIA were under attack? Was there any truth to the rumor that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood were attempting to kidnap the Ambassador and exchange him for the blind sheik? Obama and Hillary Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They still do and they have tried to undermine El Sisi at every turn. Did they know about the kidnapping? Is that why they lied about the video and drug their feet on investigating and silenced survivors for so long?  Obama and Hillary Clinton have encouraged revolution and regime change all over the world, even in the Ukraine. Why?