At a commencement speech, Michelle Obama racebaits again.

I would be willing to bet that there was a lot of slave labor going on in the world at the time our White House was built. Why indulge in this kind of grievance politics? Why divide us? Why pick that scab again and again, instead of allowing it to heal. Why not allow our African American community to feel inclusion in the American family.  The Democrats are promoting the same grievance politics of division with our Hispanic communities, our Muslim Communities, our LBGT communities, urging them to not assimilate, urging them not to embrace America’s constitutionally protected rights. We fought a war to right this wrong. We fought a war to enforce our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. There were few Americans of color on that Battlefield.  White people fought for their freedom and their rights.  Why not unite us?  Why not champion our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which led the way for not only our individual freedoms, but the world’s.  Why not admit and celebrate, America has been a beacon of hope for the world? Why not address and condemn  the slavery of today?  I believe the Arabs still indulge in slave labor …..Not to mention the increasing sexual slavery business for all the perverts of today who enslave women and children, both girls and boys. Amazing that our entitled first lady, who lives like royalty, chooses to pick the scab of racism, to incite and divide, instead of healing and champion the equality that America stands for, but then says nothing about the modern slaver and sex trafficking atrocities of today.


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