About Trump…About the survival of the Republic

Many have forgotten to render under Caesar what is Caesar’s. Our Constitution protects our right to worship as we choose. Do that. God has worked with people more flawed than Donald Trump. Pray for God to guide him, give him wisdom, knowledge and courage to return it back to the Founders’ vision. We are in this mess because our We Know Best leaders have ignored our Constitution and Bill of Rights.. Our Founding documents were written with the guidance of God.  Straying from them always leads to trouble for us. The Civil War was fought because we ignored  the All Men are Created Equal. part in our Declaration of Independence . Considering, that a powerful minority did not believe that, it had to have been God that put that foundational belief in it and it had to be God that got everyone to sign on to that American foundational value….. The plus sides to the Donald are…..he loves his country and her people……he has the same goals as all conservatives……his ego will demand that his goals are successful.  It is up to constitutional conservatives to surround Trump and give him the right solutions to our problems. We have divided government for a reason.  If Trump agrees that the solutions put forward will allow him to meet his goals, he will support them. Regarding the recent controversy and distraction, Trump should have said that he believes that the Judge presiding over the Trump U case and he should recuse himself because he is a Democrat partisan and has an ideological bias, as proven with his La Raza membership. He might ever define who La Raza is and what their policies are since the Media is afraid or unwilling  to do.  It will be up to those that surround Trump to make the solutions to our problems are within conservative principles and within the limitations listed in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Trump is the battering ram we the Trump voter will send to Washington to get things done . Washington corruption, cronyism, waste, fraud and incompetence made the Trump voter. The elites who allowed the crony corruption and incompetence to infect Washington will have to deal with it.  They made the mess. As far as the voters concern, we would like to see almost all of the bureaucracies disbanded or at least cut in half. Every government bureaucracy has been used as political weapons against Obama and the Democrats opposition.. Voters think that whoever is in office will continue to use the out of control bureaucracies against their opposition. We want their footprint reduced. We want them to run efficiently. We want them to give good service. We want most of those services returned to the states.  That is why we have sent a battering ram.  We destroy the bureaucracies that control us, that abuse us or our Constitutional freedoms are gone, folks. Progressive policies and the Central Planners have failed. They caused the recession with reckless housing finance mandates and failed oversight. Their costly increasing regulations and taxes are keeping our nation from economic recovery, making us a part time flipping burgers economy. They are shackling We The People with their abusive one size fits all,  centralized plans.  ……..Many people are wrong to think that the Republic will survive Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I think America can survive a patriotic, politically incorrect, insult dog with imprudent speech. We won’t survive another corrupt, greedy, incompetent, ruthless, amoral politician or a Democrat Socialist who promises the same Marxist policies that have led to oppression and poverty when tried before.


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