Choosing our President…things that make you go HMMMMMM

Things that make you go hmmm…..Dems, including the President of the US support a  greedy, ruthless, corrupt, incompetent, amoral, sometimes violent woman with very bad judgement, as their Presidential nominee and some Republicans say they will not support their nominee because of his insulting, sometimes imprudent rhetoric. Just saying.

As for the Progressively biased “We Know Best” press, they should look at who Trump employs, who his associates are and who his real friends are, instead of repeating deceitful Democrat talking points verbatim. . They would be enlightened to the fact that Trump is not a racist, a bigot, a homophobe or a sexist.  It is the Dems that put people in groups and divide our nation with their inciting deceitful rhetoric, just the way Sal Alinsky told the left to do, years ago, if they wanted to force Marxism on the US, the land of the free individual. It should be noted that Alinsky was a friend and mentor of Hillary Clinton and Obama embraced Sal’s Marxist vision for America.
We have tried Progressive policies. They have failed. They caused a recession with reckless ideologically driven housing finance mandates and incompetent oversight. They continue to make our economy stagnant with their excessive and costly taxes and regulations. They have made more wealth disparities and more government welfare dependent people.  It is time to try capitalism again. Capitalism has improved more peoples’ quality of life than socialism ever thought of doing. Socialism kills the golden goose of innovation, invention, research and development. Do you see any socialist, communist, marxist, theocratic, dictatorship or statist nation inventing things to improve our lives? NO, they steal our intellectual property constantly because they have killed that golden goose.


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