Obama and the left use our values and our civility against us

The leftists have used our values and our civility against us…exhibit one Mitt Romney. Trump would have called the President a Liar in that debate where Obama tried to rewrite his Benghazi remarks, but Romney’s values and civility prevented him from doing it. Trump would have decimated Obama’s cheerleader and enabler Candy Crowley. Trump uses the same Sal Alinsky tactics that the left uses, only he is a patriot and a capitalist with common sense. Obama and the Dems hate America, American values, &want Marxist change, Trump wants economic growth and non interventionist policies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_for_Radicals ……………..Know the enemy. Throw in Clowerd and Piven’s insanity to bankrupt the US by destroying economy thru crippling welfare and benefit payments and you know Obama’s vision for America. Only thru chaos and destabilization can Obama’s statist change be force on the land of the free and sovereign individual. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy


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