Pray for our nation. Pray we address the real problem instead of exploiting this tragedy for political gain. Pray we fix this problem with common sense solutions.

I pray that our leaders finally address the real problems causing these mass shootings, instead of exploiting for political/ideological gain. Political correctness has started the kill us.  It is not about guns, Mr. President and liberal leaders. It is about the fact the we cannot coexist with the violent supremacist theology of Radical Islam.  Why have you, Barack Obama not given the Islamic Reformist a national and international platform? Why do we not have a counter narrative to Radical Islam’s hate filled propaganda?   Why are we still allowing the Iman’s and Islamic leaders to teach their poisonous hate filled supremacist political theology, especially in this nation, the home of the free individual? ……………..Mass murders are either gang/drug related, mentally ill related or Ideologically zeolot related. Let’s fix these problems and stop exploiting mass shootings for political gain. Making it too expensive or limiting modern weapons for public ownership, will not prevent the criminal from getting arms. It will just disarm the lawabiding and suppress our Constitutional protected second amendment rights. Let’s address the problem. The problem is not the gun. The problem is the misuse of the gun and any other weapon.  The problem is violent supremacist fanatics, violent mentally ill individuals and criminals.


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