Mr. President, the gun is not our enemy, Radical Islam and its poisonous supremacist doctrine is.

Mr. President, It is not about the guns, it is about  violent supremacist Islam. Why are we allowing the Imans to teach this hate filled evil cult-like theology in the US? If anyone is using hate speech and inciting violence, it is the Imans who are teaching this bigoted poison. Why have you invited Muslim Brotherhood members to be your advisers, Mr. President,  instead of the Islamic Reformers who reject political Islam? Blaming the kill ratio of a gun does not hold water. Radical Islamists murder thousands thru bombs and with knives. They are insane fanatical killers. They worship death. Their religion demands they murder.  They will just use another weapon if you ban semi auto weapons. Americans are not stupid, we know that none of the weapons sold in America are military grade weapons. On this, the anti gun people and you are being deceitful.  Clearly, the political correct speech and rules of engagement that you, Barrack Obama,  have restrained our military, our FBI , our law enforcement and CIA with, are killing us.  What good does it do to put potential terrorists on a watchlist, waiting for them to kill us? What good does it do to know that we have thousands of people living in America who have knowingly communicated with Radical Islamists abroad and we do nothing? The Tsarnov Brothers, Major Hassan and Farook/Malik killers were all on a watchlist. They were all interviewed. We knew they were communicating with Islamists.  Many visited Saudi Arabia, including the Orlando shooter. Again, Political correctness is killing us. Why was the Orlando shooter allowed to buy a gun when he was a domestic abuser and he was on a watchlist and he had communicated with Islamists? Why was he employed by an International Security company that secures our most secure places, government facilities included? My guess is all the signs of unfitness were ignored because Omar Mateen was Muslim. Again, Political correctness is killing us. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother of all the Islamist groups. Why are you using them as advisors? Why do their members hold key positions in our government and our most sensitive areas? They have not rejected the poison of supremacist political Islam.  Their theology cannot coexist with the US Constitution. It is foolish and very dangerous continue to listen to their counsel. Clearly there is an Iman in the Fort Pierce area who is teaching a violent supremacist Islamic doctrine.  Is he on a watchlist too? The Orlando shooter was not indoctrinated over the internet. He had to have had religious leader(s) that radicalized him., brainwashed him. Radical Islam works like a cult. It should be treated and disparaged as one.  It is not the size of the magazine or the gun, it is the poisonous, barbaric, evil, supremacist theology of Radical Islam that is the enemy. Why is their no counter narrative against this obscenity?

Americans are buying guns because we know that law enforcement shows up after a crime is committed. Americans are buying guns because we do not trust our government to use commons sense solutions to protect us. The Political correctness of our leaders, the rules of engagement for our military/ our law enforcement and the incompetence of government bureaucracy endanger us all. We the People do not trust our President and his people to protect us.



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